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Quixotes’ “Ontario Liberal Monopoly game” merits an article in the LFP.

Grits’ fixation on wind power is a losing game

Jim Merriam — London Free Press — May 1, 2014

Two games have taken on new meanings, thanks to opponents of the Ontario government’s fixation with wind power.

First is the game of politics and second is the board game Monopoly.

A new game circulating via electronic media is called Ontario Liberal Monopoly. The game highlights the relationship between this power-hungry party and its various power flubs.

Instead of jail, there’s an unemployment line for all those thrown out of work by the government’s destruction of the manufacturing sector.

There’s also a wind victims’ safe house, presumably a place where all the folks can move after they’ve been driven from their farms by wind turbines that have caused serious health problems.

Permit me an aside. I recently exchanged correspondence with a dear friend who couldn’t understand how I could abandon the “Liberal family,” to which my clan has belonged since Ontario was nothing but unsettled bush.

The answer: I could never support a party that condones big business delivering health problems to people and driving them off the land, for no good reason. I doubt most of my ancestors would have supported such reckless disregard for people either.

But I digress.

Back on the special monopoly board, we see the price of various wind factory developments. These include Wolfe Island at $75 billion, Melancthon wind farm at $80 billion, Port Alma at $30 billion and Underwood at $50 billion.

As you roll the dice and make your move you might land on a square that gives you a gift basket. Of course, it’s for Toronto residents only.

Another square says you can take a ride on an Ornge ambulance. Perhaps it should have said, be taken for a ride by Ornge.

Just like real Monopoly, another square moves you directly to the unemployment line because your company has moved to New York for cheaper electricity rates.

When CEOs pass “Go” they receive $2 million in salary, but unlucky players might end up paying $20 in gas tax and 10% or $200 in debt retirement charges.

On the square for electricity charges, you get to choose one only from heat, light, food or shelter.  Continue reading here….

Ontario Liberal Monopoly game1

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