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Another McGuinty Staff Member Refuses to Cooperate with OPP. What the HELL is Going on???

(Donna’s rant:  We now know of at least 3 of McGuinty’s staff who are refusing to cooperate with the OPP investigation into the gas plant scandal.  Two are holed up in BC, (one being protected and employed by the BC Liberals) and now one in Ontario who are basically giving this investigation the middle finger.  1) Forget the OPP.  Time to bring in the RCMP to do a complete colonoscopy on this most corrupt of provincial governments.  By the time the OPP wrap up their investigation, most of us will be long dead and buried and everyone will have forgotten what it was all about in the first place.  2) If staff members are dodging police interrogations, one can only imagine just how deep the layers of corruption go within the Liberal Party of Ontario.  For God’s sake people, do not re-elect these criminals! — DQ)

Aide to McGuinty’s Chief of Staff Refuses OPP Interview

Gary Dimmock — Ottawa Citizen — May 7, 2014

Ontario Provincial Police investigating the destruction of emails in the final days of Dalton McGuinty’s term in office believe that an executive assistant’s password used to access staff computers without a trace was either voluntarily given up or stolen, but they may never find out because she has refused to be interviewed.

Wendy Wai, executive assistant to the ex-premier’s chief of staff David Livingston, refused a second request by anti-rackets detectives in April.

The last time detectives came calling, they met up with Wai at her new office at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Wai told detectives on July 30, 2013 that David Nicholl, the corporate chief information officer, had given her “some sort of access but I didn’t know anything about what to do with it.” She then declined to answer questions. Detectives tried again to interview her in April as part of the criminal investigation, but she declined a second time.

Her colleagues described Wai’s computer skills as weak and an IT technician said “she used to panic a lot if something wasn’t working as expected and that’s why we got a lot of calls from her.”

Reached by the Citizen, Wai politely declined to say to whom, if anyone, she gave her password. She directed the question to her lawyer, who did not return messages.

Wai is not accused of any wrongdoing and the only suspect in the criminal case so far is Livingston.

The OPP investigation, called Project Hampden, is trying to find out who, if anyone, had a hand in deleting records related to the true costs of the gas-plants scandal.

Livingston is suspected of bringing in Peter Faist, the boyfriend of McGuinty aide Laura Miller, to access hard drives in the premier’s office, four days before Kathleen Wynne was sworn in.

Detectives say that Livingston allegedly enlisted Faist to access hard drives using the cover of Wendy Wai’s profile, which had been boosted with global access powers for the specific purpose to allow someone to do whatever they wanted to any computer in the former premier’s office without leaving a footprint.

So while the powers of her profile were given super capabilities, her password didn’t change and police believe that she either gave it to someone or it was taken without her permission.  Continue reading here…..

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