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What to say to anyone who says “Harris Closed ALL those Hospitals”

For years, I’ve been reading an endless stream of rants from progressive socialists who have gone on and on, ad nauseam about how Mike Harris destroyed the health care system in Ontario by closing 29 (or 32, depending on who you ask) hospitals across Ontario.  Just recently (2014) an article in the Canadian Medical Journal, by Charlotte Gray, an Ottawa-based reporter, cited “40 hospitals”.  Amazing that although Harris has been out of office for almost 13 years, he’s still closing hospitals.  Charlotte Gray, incidentally, has received awards for her outstanding journalism.  How ironic that she continues to perpetuate this outrageous lie, without doing any background research whatsoever.

Finally one day, I started pressing these useful liberal tools for the exact names of all the hospitals that Mike Harris supposedly closed.  “Well…ummm….uh….Well I don’t know the names, but you can mark my word, I know for a fact that Mike Harris closed 29 hospitals!!!”

So I took it upon myself to do a little research and this is what I found.

Here’s the list of hospitals that the Liberals and their minions have been saying that Harris supposedly closed.

Brockville Psychiatric Hospital
Hotel Dieu-Grace Site (Windsor)
Hotel Dieu Hospital (Kingston)
Providence Continuing Care Centre, St. Vincent de Paul site (Kingston)
Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital
St. Peter’s Hospital (Hamilton)
St. Joseph’s Hospital (Chatham)
Northumberland HealthCare Corp., Port Hope site
St. Joseph’s Health Centre (Peterborough)
St. Joseph’s Hospital (Brantford)
St. Joseph’s Health Centre (London)
London Health Sciences Centre, South St. site
London Psychiatric Hospital
St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital
St. Bernard’s Hospital
Wellesley-Central Hospital (Toronto)
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hillcrest site (Toronto)
Toronto: Doctors Hospital
Humber River Regional Hospital, Northwestern site (Toronto)
Orthopedic & Arthritic Hospital (Toronto)
Riverdale Hospital (Toronto)
Runnymeade Chronic Care Hospital (Toronto)
Salvation Army Grace Hospital (Toronto)
Whitby General Hospital
Salvation Army Grace Hospital (Ottawa)
Pembroke Civic Hospital
Sudbury Memorial Hospital
Subbury General Hospital
Thunder Bay Regional Hospital, McKellar site
Hogarth-Westmount Hospital (Thunder Bay)
Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital (Thunder Bay)
Lakefield Hospital (private)
Sidbrook Hospital (private)
Grace Villa (private)
Dewson Hospital (private)

I decided to do a cursory check to see how many of these hospitals were in fact closed down.   How?  I called the hospitals.  And here’s what I found….

Brockville Psychiatric Hospital is still open — was never closed

Hotel Dieu-Grace Site (Windsor) — still open — was never closed

Hotel Dieu Hospital (Kingston) — still open — was never closed

Providence Continuing Care Centre, St. Vincent de Paul site (Kingston) — still there….never closed

St. Peter’s Hospital (Hamilton) — still there — never closed

St. Joseph’s Hospital (Chatham) still there….now amalgamated under Chatham Kent Health Alliance….never closed

Northumberland Healthcare — Closed

St. Joseph’s Health Centre (Peterborough) — amalgamated with Peterborough Civic Hospital

Joseph’s Hospital (Brantford) — still there….downsized to a clinic

St. Joseph’s Health Centre (London) — still there — never closed

London Health Sciences Centre, South St. site — still there — never closed

St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital — still there — moved to a new building

St. Bernard’s Hospital Wellesley-Central Hospital (Toronto) — closed

Wellesley Hospital had most of its services transferred to the more modern and larger facility of St. Michael’s hospital.  The old site is now the Wellesley Central Health Corporation.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hillcrest site (Toronto) — became the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute — the largest rehabilitation hospital in Canada

Toronto: Doctors Hospital – still there, downsized to a clinic

Humber River Regional Hospital, Northwestern site (Toronto) — now one of Canada’s largest regional acute care hospitals

Orthopedic & Arthritic Hospital (Toronto) — still there, never closed

Riverdale Hospital (Toronto) — still there (as of 2014) but slated for demolition to make way for new health facility

Runnymeade Chronic Care Hospital (Toronto) – still there. Now called the Runnymeade Health Care Centre

Salvation Army Grace Hospital (Toronto) – still there. Never closed

Whitby General Hospital — Now called Lakeridge Health Whitby – specializes in palliative care, dementia and dialysis services

Salvation Army Grace Hospital (Ottawa) — Now a retirement home.

Pembroke Civic Hospital – Still there, although now a lab.  Patient care was amalgamated with Pembroke Regional.

Sudbury Memorial Hospital – Still there !!

Subbury General Hospital – This one too! Still there.

Thunder Bay Regional Hospital, McKellar site — Now the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

Hogarth-Westmount Hospital (Thunder Bay) – still there, never closed

Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital (Thunder Bay) – still there, never closed

Lakefield Hospital (private) – closed 10 years ago (that would be under McGuinty’s watch)

Sidbrook Hospital (private)

Grace Villa (private)

Dewson Hospital (private)

*** June 6, 2014 — Update:  The question of Riverside Hospital in Ottawa was raised.  Thanks to Anne Marie for this additional info:

In Ottawa, there was an ‘amalgamation’ of sorts, regarding Hospitals. The Civic and General became the ‘Ottawa Hospital’. The Riverside is in very close proximity to the General Campus, CHEO, is beside the General. The need for another hospital in such close proximity to those, was redundant. The Riverside became a facility for testing, screening and minor surgeries. In addition, around the same time, the Queensway Carleton Hospital was developed and expanded. As it is more deeply in the West end of Ottawa, it helped service the needs in that region.

This told me enough to realize that as usual, the more times a lie is told, the bigger it gets.  In the case of the Liberal Party of Ontario, though, their lies always start off as whoppers. — DQ


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