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Ontario Liberals Can’t Help Themselves. It’s in Their DNA to LIE!

(Editor’s note:  Hudak never said that he was going to rip up existing wind and solar contracts.  He specifically said that he would not approve any more contracts because we have too much electricity in this province now.  I wish that these liars would spontaneously combust every time they opened their mouths. — DQ)

Brad Duguid Rips PC Plan for Wind and Solar Contracts 

Antonello Artuso — Toronto Sun — May 18, 2014

TORONTO – Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has learned nothing from Liberal government mistakes made in the billion-dollar gas plants controversy.

That was the unusual message from Liberal MPP Brad Duguid, who said Hudak is about to waste 20 times as much public money if he proceeds with his plans to tear up solar and wind power contracts.

“Ontarians should be asking Tim Hudak whether he’s learned from the mistakes that were made during the gas plants issue,” Duguid said Sunday. “We certainly as a government have. We’ve taken a number of measures to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

“Tim Hudak, though, in his plan, would repeat the same darn mistake again, costing us tens of billions of dollars.”

The former energy minister said that people understand that governments and politicians make mistakes — as was done in the case of siting two gas plants in residential neighbourhoods without adequate public consultation — but expect that lessons will be learned and not repeated.

Ontarians will fork over up to $1.1 billion extra over the next couple of decades for reneging on two signed gas plant contracts for Oakville and Mississauga.

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