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The Real Green Movement — Trees Not Turbines (TNT)

Click here to read the about the CERN study that shows trees and CO2 help keep the earth in balance.

To All Anti-wind Groups Worldwide:

Last night in Port Elgin, we launched our TNT initiative — Trees Not Turbines

We’ve been discussing what we could do as wind warriors to win the hearts and minds of the public and youth regarding turbines.  Replacing turbines with trees struck a chord with me since I am a Forestry grad.    I’ve always thought that we’ve got to present an alternative and what better way than with trees.  Imagine getting the public to understand that ‘so’ many trees would offset a turbine and provide far greater benefits for the planet.

We should show how planting a tree is better for the environment than a wind turbine.  The benefits of a tree against the cost environmentally, economically and socially of turbines are endless.

There’s a nursery near us that’s currently selling seedlings and that gave me this idea.

The tree picture and the fact sheet below, are meant to be handed out (distributed) simultaneously.  Each time we have an event, we could have the info available extolling the benefits of trees to turbines and offer them to the public free, with a donation, or as a fundraiser, etc.

The intent of this is for GROUPS to have a common message where minor regional adjustments can be incorporated.  This is not meant for individuals, but rather a world-wide anti-wind turbine group movement.
Please pass this along to everyone in your email lists.  Duplications may occur.
Ontario residents:  We have sourced 3 year-old white pine seedlings that I can obtain in great volume at a fantastic rate.  If there’s a nursery near you who can offer something similar, by all means go that route.   Like the trillium, the provincial tree for Ontario is the White Pine.  It’s iconic as a subject tree of many Group of Seven paintings.
This nursery is selling these trees, 3 yrs old, for 45 cents each based on a quantity of one thousand. They come bare root so an investment of pots and soil would be needed.
For those within our area, time to purchase is around May 3/14 but I’ll confirm. Other species like Red Oak are still available, but Sugar Maples aren’t.  For those of you who live close to Port Elgin, Orangeville, Guelph, Beaverton, KW, etc arrangements for pickup can be made with us.
Again, just so you understand:

This is not meant for us to be the supplier of trees, but rather a combined group effort to promote the new “Green” movement — “Trees Not Turbines

Paul and Lori (Quixotes Last Stand)
Fact sheet here:  Trees NOT Turbines
Picture to be handed out with Fact Sheet:
Real Green Movement
If the Fact sheet doesn’t open properly for you this is the content:


 There’s no question that over the past 2 decades, there’s been a heightened awareness for the environment. One of the more important areas is how we obtain electricity. One of the proposals has been in the form of Industrial wind turbines.

We feel there’s a better way to answer the question of how to retain a reasonable quality of life with a view to enhancing the environment that we could all mutually benefit.   We feel trees are the answer and wherever you may reside, you can participate.

Here are some of the reasons trees are a superior way to enhance the environment over industrial wind turbines;

1)  Trees absorb CO2 and release O2.  An acre ( .405 hectares) of trees will absorb enough CO2 to offset a city driven car for a year, while producing enough O2 for 18 people per day.  IWT’s can do neither.

2)  IWT’s have a large initial carbon footprint before becoming operable. Trees start their work right away with no initial carbon footprint.

3)  IWT’s have within their components, many detrimental compounds detrimental to the environment. Turbine blades contain bisphenol A, a known carcinogen and the hubs contain gear oil that has high levels of mercury. Trees, of course, are without these issues.

4) Trees are superior to IWT’s when it comes to preventing erosion, providing shade, providing habitat for birds and attracting many other forms of wildlife. IWT’s in fact enhance erosion, kill bats and birds and provide no attraction to wildlife.

5) IWT’s are infinitely more costly than trees, trees require no electricity to operate and are for the most part, maintenance free. Trees have proven to enhance property values and provide years of enjoyment no matter if you live in a rural or urban environment.

6) IWT’s require to work in tandem with other power generators. While we’ve essentially eliminated coal as a source of generation, gas plants have come on line to replace coal and to act to back-up wind generation. In order to do this, gas plants run in the most inefficient way possible and in the final tally don’t substantially reduce emissions at all. Trees of course require no gas plant backup and can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

We listed here just a few of the benefits of trees. We can replace IWT’s with trees and accomplish our goals for a better environment. This is the REAL green movement.

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8 Comments on “The Real Green Movement — Trees Not Turbines (TNT)”

  1. Alfred Alexander May 17, 2014 at 7:06 am #


  2. Donna Davidge May 17, 2014 at 7:34 am #

    My heart is saddened by the exploitation of tree rich areas like northern a Maine where TR was healed from the oxygen coming off the rich forests- now destroyed by the greed
    While murdering our wildlife- inexcusable for such lies about saving the planet-

  3. sacharum May 17, 2014 at 4:48 pm #

    Physicist describe wind energy as equivalent to deforestation in the new book, “The Energy of Slaves” winner of the the Rachel Carson Environment book award. As a forester myself who came of age in the environmental decade of the 70’s and who has devoted a lifelong career to reforestation, I am horrified by the enormous foot print of wind turbines in Ontario. Business has hijacked environmentalism for their own short- sighted interest with the help of one very arrogant political elitist, Dalton M.

    • Paul kuster May 20, 2014 at 6:22 am #

      Thanks for the comment. It’s up to folks like us to extoll the benefits of trees for a whole variety of reasons. I intend to look for the book you’ve cited. It sounds like another checkmark against IWT’s and more towards “The Real Green Movement”.

  4. ashbee2 May 21, 2014 at 2:19 pm #

    Reblogged this on Global Wind Energy — The Human Impact.

  5. Melissa May 21, 2014 at 4:35 pm #

    What a beautiful, beautiful tree. You can’t hug a turbine and there’s nothing to love about them. Concrete bases and foundations where no tree, shrub or plant will ever take root to nourish us and our planet. Poor struggling screening trees planted as an offset by the wind generator, will never reach an effective height to replace the eyesore, won’t ever protect us from harmful turbine emissions. I say create jobs, ‘Bulldoze’ IWT’s not trees.

  6. cornwallwindwatch May 24, 2014 at 8:08 am #

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch.


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