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Forget Global Warming. Climate Change. Climate Disruption. It’s Now Climate Chaos.

“We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.”

Patrick Goodenough — CNSnews.com — May 19, 2014

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, gearing up to host a major U.N. climate conference at the end of next year, wants to start referring to “climate disruption” or “climate chaos” rather than “climate change” – since, he says, “change” can be seen as a positive thing.

Fabius, who during a visit to Washington last week declared that the world has “500 days to avoid climate chaos,” repeated this message back in Paris on his return.

“We have 500 days – not a day more – to avert a climate disaster,” he said in a speech in French at the foreign ministry on May 14. “People often talk about climate change or global warming. I attach great importance to words, and as far as the French language is concerned I don’t think those words are very appropriate, because – without alluding to this or that political program – change is seen as rather a positive thing.”

“But in the case of climate, it isn’t at all,” he continued, suggesting instead the use of the term “climate chaos – in English, climate disruption, climate chaos.”

Addressing the French parliament on the same day, Fabius again stated, “We have 500 days to avert climate catastrophe.”

The repeated reference to a looming deadline alludes to the U.N. climate conference France will be hosting in Paris next November, scheduled to begin in around 560 days’ time.

Earlier, during his visit to Washington, Fabius made the “500 day” point both during a speech at the Brookings Institution and again after holding talks with Secretary of State John Kerry at the State Department.

“We are – all of you know it – on the edge of a climatic abyss,” he said at Brookings. “In fact, we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.”

“The U.N. conference on climate change, which will take place next year in Paris, is an absolute top priority,” he said. “The goal is to achieve a post-2020 agreement [on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change] that should include all countries, and be legally binding.”

“This is ambitious, but there are some glimmers of hope,” Fabius said. “Compared to [the Dec. 2009 climate conference in] Copenhagen, climate denial is – at least in Europe – less audible.”

Standing alongside Kerry at the State Department, Fabius said, “We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.”

“And I know that President Obama and John Kerry himself are committed on this subject and I’m sure that with them, with a lot of other friends, we shall be able to reach success in this very important matter.”


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5 Comments on “Forget Global Warming. Climate Change. Climate Disruption. It’s Now Climate Chaos.”

  1. Sherri May 19, 2014 at 10:15 am #

    Just hysterical…..climate hysteria at its best! Hypocalyptic….we need an entire new dictionary to describe the frenzy! Folks, there were four major mass extinctions BEFORE humans ever assembled on the planet. Climate does change….. 500 days? Must get our affairs in order!

    • Donna Quixote May 19, 2014 at 10:30 am #

      I saw a bird eat a worm this morning. I figured for sure that was definite proof of Climate Change….disruption….ummmm….chaos. Yeah, that’s it. Chaos.

  2. sandcanyongal May 19, 2014 at 3:59 pm #

    Hi friends.Recent articles of the California drought show only the state drought map, as if “what happens in California “stays” in California.

    The entire southwest is in a drought. Lake Meade in Nevada. By mid-April, Lake Mead’s water level measured just 48 feet above the system’s topmost intake straw.
    Source: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-las-vegas-drought-20140421-story.html#page=1

    The Colorado River and Lake Powell are at lows. The California aqueduct is low.

    Good maps of drought globally.

    I feel that California is experiencing the culmination of massive amounts of ground and water removal caused by all the agriculture and to an equal extent, oil production which takes all the water they want and now more fracking. At a recent hearing a commenter stated that fracking of a single drill hole uses as much water in 7 months as a home uses in 27 years. Furthermore, California is packed with people, lawns, pools and man made dams, collectors. Over-population and over consumption is a huge problem.

    The core issue is still fossil fuels and pollutants entering and heating our atmosphere. China’s massive coal pollution pollutes the entire planet, just like Fukushima spreads radiation worldwide. Contrary to some people’s beliefs the smog doesn’t just go up into outer space.

    I have some personal observations. Here in Tehachapi I encountered my first Mojave Green rattler, a yearling just barely growing it’s first rattle. This was in early April. They’re coming out of hibernation early due to the heat and drought. I have 2 black locust trees that normally bloom (looks like wisteria) in July/August. This year, bloomed in the beginning of May and the flowers came and went in a few weeks time.

    Folks can deny, criticize and belittle scientist. However, massive weather changes like in Serbia, Colorado, Hurricane Sandy, sea levels rising across the globe is the “proof in the pudding.” Our ocean, land and atmosphere are all connected, not independent units. It’s kind of like economies. When there’s a drought the price of produce rises and affordable to fewer people.

    Last. I am personally totally pissed off that the manufacturers of industrial wind turbines were so stupid that the turbines aren’t even fitted with grills to prevent the mass die-off of birds and bats and their habitats and that industrial solar plants are frying birds, sucking the water out of the already parched desert and killing off entire ecosystems like they are meaningless. This has nothing at all to do with out planet heating up. They are 2 entirely separate issues. I will not put my head in the sand and deny that our climate is totally in chaos because my issues with renewable energy. It childish and throws the baby away with the bath water.

  3. klem May 21, 2014 at 9:04 am #

    What is hilarious is that Prince Charles said the same thing in the spring of 2008. He said we had about 18 months to stop climate change or we’d all be hit with climate disasters. Of course that was 6 years ago now.

    What he was referring to was 18 months from that time, which was precisely when the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit was held. The summit was a failure.

    This guy is probably doing the same thing, 18 months from now is the 2015 Climate Summit in Paris. This will be their next big chance. Perhaps their last big chance.

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