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In Quebec, Wind Turbines Bleed Of Money…$2.38 per Spin!

No Dogs or Anglophones — May 21, 2014

Driving home from New York, just after the border entering Quebec, I saw a  couple of wind turbines turning lazily off in the distance, which of course got me thinking just how much these darn things are costing taxpayers.

I was a bit surprised at the low speed at which they turned, I never saw one in real life before and imagined that they whipped around furiously, like a fan attached to a childhood bicycle

Now we all know that wind energy projects aren’t economic, especially in Quebec where electricity generated by hydro-power is about 70% cheaper than that produced by these wind turbines but for political reasons this province has actually mothballed fully functioning hydro-electric power plants, while increasing the number of wind farms.

One only has to look at the map of where these projects are built to understand that the whole thing is a wasteful attempt to bring jobs to economically depressed regions, where more than half of the wind farms are located in Quebec’s economic basket case of the Gaspé, a region that contains less than 1% of Quebec’s population. Yup…less than 1%.

It’s a case of politicians just not caring or understanding reality about the waste of money that this so-called green industry actually costs the rest of Quebec taxpayers.

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