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Marathon Runners Contribute to Global Warming and Should Have to Buy Carbon Offset Credits (Not a joke!)

(Editor’s Rant:  NOW let’s see what happens when the Global Warming nonsense starts hitting closer to home for their zealot followers.  Let’s see if we start to see a backlash from that community if the AGW theory is pulling money out of their pockets.

By the way, I have a question.  Since the ‘science is settled’, shouldn’t all funding to climate scientists and climate change theorists be immediately cut off?  If it’s settled, then there’s nothing more to research or study, right?  So all funding, grants and subsidies should stop — right now!  Why do I have a feeling that we would suddenly start hearing “Oh wait.  Look what we’ve just discovered!! The science isn’t settled after all.  Hehehe.  Silly us!” — DQ)

Does the marathon hasten climate change?

Tim Johnson — Burlington Free Press — May 26, 2014

When it comes to anthropogenic gas production, there’s no local event quite like the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon: Tens of thousands of person hours given over to carbon-dioxide exhalation, all within a single morning.

So, it’s only natural to wonder how much this race contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, or even to global warming. These are two different questions with two different answers, but before we get to them, let’s make an important distinction: There’s the race itself, and there’s everything else that makes the race possible.

“Everything else” includes the travel of thousands of runners and volunteers to downtown Burlington and then back where they came from — travel facilitated by the burning of oil. Then there’s all the marathon paraphernalia that’s produced using fossil fuels, from running shoes to plastic water bottles.

The greenhouse-gas emissions from all that fossil-fuel consumption could be estimated, of course. (There are environmental consultants who make their living producing numbers like that.) Such an estimate for Marathon Sunday could then be compared to an estimate of the fossil-fuel emissions of an ordinary Sunday, when most people are at home gardening or watching golf on TV.   Continue reading here…..

Marathon runners

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2 Comments on “Marathon Runners Contribute to Global Warming and Should Have to Buy Carbon Offset Credits (Not a joke!)”

  1. sandcanyongal May 26, 2014 at 10:54 pm #

    What’s written in the story is pure nonsense. There was a major 2 mile mudslide near Littleton Colorado and also another on recently in Washington. We all know that weather happens and then there is aborhant weather like the current droughts around the world.

    I read that the mudslide in Snohomish Washington was caused by unregulated logging for years on end and a good guess is that logging or some man made cause was responsible for today’s mudslide.

    So. Why can’t some people believe that pouring contaminants like freons, aerosols and fossil fuel can’t have a catastrophic affect by trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere? This is difficult to understand considering that similar types of scientists invented everything that man touches, hears and lives in? Antibiotics,helilcopters, space station, satellites, the Rover, undersea vehicles, trains, planes, automobiles, phones, computers, vaccines, rubber, glass, plastics were all invented and expanded on by science. Yet many of you have doubt about what scientists have been warning us about since the 1950s that is coming true today – melting glaciers, sea rise, trapped heat, warming of ocean.

    If people take the time to understand science, physics and the methods for identifying causes you will be less inclined to doubt the new reality of our future without major change in how we create and use energy. Fossil fuels have to go permanently.

  2. cornwallwindwatch May 27, 2014 at 9:38 am #

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch.

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