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Agenda 21 Steps It Up A Notch in Ireland With Plans to Strip People of Their Right to Live in the Country

Claire O’Sullivan — Irish Examiner — May 22, 2014 A candidate for Cork County Council has warned that the local authority’s draft county development plan is seeking to “strip people of the right to live in the countryside”. According to Midleton-based candidate Wayne Halloran, the draft blueprint for the development of the county sets out […]

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In Quebec, Wind Turbines Bleed Of Money…$2.38 per Spin!

No Dogs or Anglophones — May 21, 2014 Driving home from New York, just after the border entering Quebec, I saw a  couple of wind turbines turning lazily off in the distance, which of course got me thinking just how much these darn things are costing taxpayers. I was a bit surprised at the low […]

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Kathleen Wynne’s Pension Plan Will Eliminate 150,000 Private Sector Jobs

Internal, confidential government document’s confirmed the 150,000 jobs losses, stating – “payroll taxes would have the largest negative impact on employment.” the Ministry of Finance calculated that for every $2-billion increase in Ontario payroll taxes, 18,000 people would lose their job Canada Free Press — May 22, 2014 Canadian workers and employers contribute $42 billion […]

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You just gotta watch this: Not ‘noble cause corruption’ – just corruption

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
Skiphil writes in Tips and Notes: Too funny, too funny….. this is a serious matter, but funny when leading Greens and Hollywood types get caught on film in a genuine conspiracy to hide Middle Eastern “oil” funding to make an anti-Fracking film for the “movement” …. (Added: One…

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Ontario Election: Working Families Exposed and Deb Matthews on the Hot Seat Again

1)  The Working Families Coalition has been exposed as being nothing more than a gang of old white dudes who spend millions and millions of union member paid dollars to try to keep their arch nemesis — the PC party —  out of Queen’s Park. Click on the link and sign the petition to stop […]

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Climate Science in Chaos Due to Shortage of Scary Synonyms

Tip o’ the hat to Greg….a fellow reader of Watt’s Up With That. Opiate of the People — May 15, 2014 Experts in the world’s only settled science are up in arms today as a blunder committed by a staunch ally threatens their efforts to raise taxes and save the planet. On a recent visit […]

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Economics Professor Talks About Ontario’s Financial Catastrophe and the Green Energy Disaster

23 minutes well spent.  Should be required viewing for ANYONE thinking of voting Liberal or NDP.

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PC Leader Tim Hudak, Promises Wind Moratorium

Bob Montgomery — Blackburn News — May 21, 2014 Provincial PC Leader Tim Hudak says it would be very difficult to reverse wind energy projects in rural Ontario that have already been approved. But he says if he forms the next government he will impose a moratorium on any new projects. Hudak adds he would […]

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The CAW Voice of Reason: Are Unions Really On Wynne’s Side?

This guy should run for office.  What a ton of common, rational, sense from a very soft-spoken man. “Speak softly and carry a big stick” Click on image to go to video of Sun News Network Interview:

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Kathleen Wynne Hopes Her “Farms Forever” Message Will Bridge Rural/Urban Divide *gag*

Richard J. Brennan — Toronto Star — May 19, 2014 BRANTFORD, ONT.—Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne is hoping that red rubber boots, a few kind words and lots of money will bridge the gap between urban and rural Ontario. Wynne, who is agriculture minister as well as premier, visited a cattle ‎farm just outside of Brantford […]

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Research by CERN Indicates Trees and CO2 Help Keep the Earth in Balance

Investigate Magazine — May 18, 2014 Research by CERN on how clouds form has found emissions by trees and galactic cosmic rays are two primary drivers of cloud formation, which in turn helps cool the planet by reflecting sunlight off the cloud layer. Although not expressly stated so bluntly, the research suggests a CO2 cycle […]

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Grab the Gravol. Wynne Won’t Allow Condos at Ontario Place – She Wants to Preserve The Beauty of the Lakeshore

Robert Benzie — Toronto Star — May 19, 2014 The Liberals are ruling out any condominiums at Ontario Place if re‎-elected June 12. After completing a short jog along the waterfront with candidates and supporters, Kathleen Wynne‎ promised to return the lakeshore park to its former glory. “Toronto’s waterfront should be for everyone to enjoy. […]

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Study That Says Global Warming is Over-exaggerated is Rejected for “Not Helping the Cause”

Ben Spencer — The Daily Mail — May 16, 2014 Professor Lennart Bengtsson claims his study on global warming has been rejected as it might fuel climate scepticism Says he suspects an intolerance of dissenting views on climate science Paper suggests that climate is less sensitive to greenhouse gases than previously thought A scientific study […]

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Forget Global Warming. Climate Change. Climate Disruption. It’s Now Climate Chaos.

“We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.” Patrick Goodenough — — May 19, 2014 French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, gearing up to host a major U.N. climate conference at the end of next year, wants to start referring to “climate disruption” or “climate chaos” rather than “climate change” – since, he says, “change” […]

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Ontario Liberals Can’t Help Themselves. It’s in Their DNA to LIE!

(Editor’s note:  Hudak never said that he was going to rip up existing wind and solar contracts.  He specifically said that he would not approve any more contracts because we have too much electricity in this province now.  I wish that these liars would spontaneously combust every time they opened their mouths. — DQ) Brad […]

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