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Friendly advice to Tim Hudak and the PCPO (Good Reading for Anyone Planning on Voting)

Paul Kuster — June 1, 2014

I’ve decided that given the priviledge to offer my opinions through the miracle of the internet and blog Quixotes last Stand, I feel I can offer up some friendly advice to the Conservative party of Ontario and it’s leader Tim Hudak. Before I start, I want to acknowledge that Paul Burling has also penned a fantastic letter as well and touches on many items that illustrate what conservatism involves. His letter can be found here:

Follow him on Twitter as well @PaulinAjax. You won’t be disappointed.

Paul has outlined some very practical stategies for the conservatives to take back the province and rid ourselves of the scourge that are the Liberals and their wanna-be cousins the NDP. The advice I’d like to offer is the way we should be selling this to the Ontario electorate.

Many times I’ve listened to policy initiatives and statements that sound good, but are incomplete. The greatest example is the downsizing of the public service by 100,000. what you failed to do was to qualify it by saying how.  What happened was you allowed the Liberals to fill that void by saying you’d fire, FIRE, them all and they even decided for you who —  be it teachers or health care workers — all the sacred stuff. Next time , please pre-quailfy how you’ll do something, on your terms, before it’s announced.

Another example is the Million jobs plan. Always remember that the “Partys of the Left” are the partys of misery.   Only they could poo-poo about the ambitious plan to create jobs in Ont.  They have the intellectual bankruptcy of complaining that the PC’s would have lied to us if only 850,000 jobs had been created.   Furthur to this is the statement that  “Every Monday morning 1 million wake up to not having a job.”  Why not take it that one step more by saying that:

 “It’s our intention that we want to have as many waking up to a job on a Monday morning as possible.”

“Remember what it’s like when you got that phone-call that said ‘You’re hired.’?  I do.  I felt great about myself that someone wanted me.   Or at that job interview when the hiring manager asks  ‘When can you start?’   Now you can look forward to providing for your family in a meaningful way.  Now you can afford to put your son/daughter into the organized sports they want. Maybe now you can qualify for that house. Perhaps now you can afford that vacation.

For too long this province has been in a funk, no thanks to the Liberals and NDP.  Not only are we a “have-not” province, but we must lead all provinces and territories in malaise and anxiety. We want Ontarians to be able to relax, live their lives and be happy and not to have a sickeniing knot in your gut every time you open a Hydro bill.”

To you the PC’s , get us out of our funk. Make our province proud again. Make every policy statement one that shines with optimism and leave the other parties grumbling. It’s what they do best.

There’s a conservative commentator in the US (Bill Whittle)who does a splendid job in what it should mean to be a conservative and has many sound strategies to convey that message.  One of the lessons he learned after the 2012 presidential election was
that in many of the exit polls, Romney won on just about everything the economy, foreign policy, domestic policy, everything.

All except on one question. “Who cares about you more”, and this is how Obama won it.
Learn from this lesson. Frame everything into a positive message that explains that PC’s aren’t out to eat your children or to send women into slave camps or you’ll toss welfare recipients over Niagara Falls.    Get that message through to them that PC’s do care.

Finally, here is a link to a Youtube video by Bill Whittle outlining the game plan for conservatism. It’s brilliant and although it has US examples, the theory translates well to our situation in Ontario.  To me the most important strategy comes at 5:50 of part 2. but listen to it all.

Part 1

Part 2

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