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Globe and Mail Article Gives Clear Indication of How Canadians Feel About the Climate Change Fear

(Editor’s Note:  Anyone who regularly reads the Globe and Mail here in Canada knows that the comments sections are usually packed and can get very heated, although they are well  monitored for abusive behaviour.  So I found it interesting this morning when I read an article entitled “No Quick-Fix Solution For Climate Change” which goes on to talk about man’s attempts to stop it, including geo-engineering, ocean fertilization, etc.   Two days after publication there’s only a mere 6 (SIX) comments at the end.  Of those 6 comments, only 1 appears to be from a ‘believer’.  The rest indicate what most of us know and understand….that climate change is a naturally occurring event that has been happening on this planet since the beginning and only fools (or those making a ton of money) say that it can be stopped.  

Are Canadians like the Australians and most of the other rational and intelligent people around the world who just don’t buy into the climate alarmism?

My thought is this:  If the science is truly ‘settled’ as the fear-mongers all want us to believe it is, then all funding, subsidies and grants to climate researchers, climate alarmists, and anyone else who is supposedly part of the faux “97% consensus, should be stopped immediately, with not one more penny of taxpayer money being spent on this debate.  If the science is settled, there is nothing more to do.  Close it all down.  Now.  I have a feeling we will immediately hear a cacophony of “WAIT!!  We were mistaken and misquoted.   It’s not really settled after all.  And we definitely need more money to research this not-so-settled-science.” — DQ)

Read article here…..

No quick-fix solution for climate change, study says

Dene Moore — The Globe and Mail — June 4, 2014


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