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This Young Man “Gets It”… From Liberal Corruption to Wind Turbines

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One Comment on “This Young Man “Gets It”… From Liberal Corruption to Wind Turbines”

  1. Greg Schmalz June 6, 2014 at 4:37 pm #

    It’s refreshing for a young person to see through the liberal scam. We have invited Premiere Wynne to our community to meet the sick people in our small town due to one small turbine placed in our neighbourhood by Unifor. No response. She will not look people whose health is truly harmed in the eye.
    Unifor. previously the CAW, refuse to admit their machine is what is making people sick when it is the only change that has happened in the neighbourhood.
    What else would anyone expect when the Liberals bailed them out of the auto crisis and then called in the favour making their big union the sales force for industrial wind policy.
    People are fed up with the scratch my back and screw the people actions of this reckless government.
    Unifor and Wynne just do the right thing and stop your turbine as voted on by our town council who you simply ignore.

    Greg Schmalz

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