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What Wynne is NOT Talking About

Eric Jelinski M. Eng. P. Eng. — June 5, 2014

We’d have to admit this is a most boring campaign given that we have made up our minds long ago including the sit on the fence types who don’t vote. Therefore our curiosity wanders and we find interest in what is not being said. The liberals appear to think the world will end if the PC’s win. But in truth, the world will not end. Yes, for the liberals, their world will end. For everybody who votes PC, this will be a new beginning. We already know what all the candidates especially Wynne is talking about using her seemingly bottomless well of money to pay for those boring adverts about how their world will end.

We already have a taste of what Wynne doesn’t talk about. She doesn’t say anything about how renewable energy will create and sustain jobs and the economy. Wynne is admitting that the Green Energy Act is a technical and public relations disaster. The thousands of wind turbines and so little sporadic energy, that gas plants had to be built for real energy. Yet, gas plants were never part of the GEA in the beginning. They were dreaming and continue to dream in Technicolor about wind turbines. They have not answered to my e-mail below from 2 months ago.

More-over there are the health and other issues her government fails to answer, including the latest peer reviewed article about the issues,
http://www.cureus.com/articles/2457-systematic-review-2013-association-between-wind-turbines-and-human-distress#.U42qS2fji00 The day is fast approaching when this topic can no longer be avoided and the medical practitioners, College of Physicians, OMA, ONA, Ministry of Health and Environment, the Premier, and perhaps even their Federal counterparts will all need to talk about this, as this is the most lumpy part of the liberal platform.

Having decreed that we have enough electricity due to the failed economy, they continue to fail the economy by giving preferred friends contracts for the high priced wind energy and giving their friends a 15% return on investment of the wind farms on a colossal scale. While Mayor Ford campaigned on cutting the gravy train, it seems anything goes under the liberals.

The hidden agenda in the MaRS caper is to increase the size of government by adding more assistants to the assistants… as if we need a more bloated government. This election is partly about opportunity to build empires…Wynne’s empire.

Last, but not least of all the not talked about are the tax increases Wynne would impose. You hopefully have not forgotten the “revenue tools” she has talked about months ago, but is now silent on perhaps to slyly screw us with her revenue tools to pay for her promises. Of course we see another connection not talked about and that is all of the public service will get pay raises to cover the tax increases. Does that sound possible? Does that sound fair and right for the greater good.

The province is basically divided between those who work for the government and get the benefit of about 2x the paycheque plus health and dental plans vs those in the private sector who employ the vast majority of the Ontario people who work at minimum or near minimum wage who have to suffer from the taxes and high hydro rates.

And the last thing not talked about is how the bullies become bullies when they are about to lose their assumed entitlement. After 10 years of a centrist partisan monastery, it is time for a change for the greater good where all of Ontario can have input to government policy.

I hope this will get talked about perhaps at the next debate.



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