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Wynne’s Budget Foretells Massive Cuts For Ontario

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Ari Alstedter — Bloomberg News — June 6, 2014

Premier Kathleen Wynne is presenting Ontario’s June 12 election as a stark choice between her Liberal economic stimulus plan and her main rival’s vow to cut 100,000 government jobs.

Yet Wynne’s own budget documents show this year’s spending surge will be followed by the deepest freeze in two decades.

After boosting program spending by C$3 billion ($2.8 billion) this year, the Liberal Party leader plans to hold the line the next three years in a bid to eliminate the deficit. Given population growth, a 2017 Liberal government would drop spending by the most per person since former Premier Mike Harris won election on deficit elimination in 1995.

“She’s not talking about war with the public sector unions, but that’s what those numbers imply to me,” said Bryne Purchase, a professor of policy studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and former deputy minister of finance during the Harris years. “I think the reality is a lot of strikes in the public sector.”

Wynne, 61, has been walking a tightrope since becoming Premier in 2013. She relented on wage concessions Liberal predecessor Dalton McGuinty was demanding from public sector unions, particularly teachers. Meanwhile, she has pledged to eliminate the deficit after letting it grow this year to fund a fresh round of stimulus spending.

“We’re dealing with a situation that requires at this moment that we make investments to ensure we have the steady economic growth that we need,” she said in a leader’s debate. She has spoken little about the spending restraint that subsequently flows from her budgetary promises. The premier has contrasted her plan with Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak’s, who is proposing immediate and deeper cuts to balance the books. Under the Conservative platform, the deficit would be eliminated one year earlier.

Wynne and Hudak will meet at 6:30 p.m. for a televised debate along with New Democratic Party leader Andrea Horwath.

Hudak, 46, was first elected under the Harris small-government banner at a time when the province also was grappling with a large deficit. Harris cut welfare payments, fired nurses, closed hospitals (Editor’s note: Read here to see the Harris hospital closure myth exposed)  and provoked a teachers’ strike.

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One Comment on “Wynne’s Budget Foretells Massive Cuts For Ontario”

  1. Norma June 8, 2014 at 12:12 pm #

    I never beleive any politicians promises as they never carry them through.
    Why are we paying for all these turbines to have our gov’t sell the electricity produced, off-shore real cheap, we are being scammed big time. And free trade only benefits U.S.A as they now make rules stopping any free trade that is any benefit to us. It is all in their favor–another scam, & the list goes on.
    We Canadians that were born & raised here are in the minority, so does that mean we we have to abide by everyone else’s rules?& let everyone else tramp all over us? Many politicians enter politics just for all the monetary benefits & could care less what happens to true Canadians. What a sad state of affairs we have here. Lets all seek to find someone who will work for Canada & its true citizens.

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