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BREAKING: Senate report exposes the climate-environmental movement as being a cash machine controlling the EPA

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA A new report was released today by the Senate Environment and Public Works committee, and it is damning. All this time that climate skeptics are accused of being in the employ of “big…

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Climate Scientologists (and Wind Developers) destroy nature in order to save it

Paul Mulshine (Over the Transom) — The Star Ledger — July 30, 2014 I recall reading a piece some time ago by an avid environmentalist who made a point lost on his fellow environmentalists: So-called “alternative” energy can have an effect on the environment even worse than conventional energy. This article about a plan to destroy a […]

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Climate Change Cruise: See the Effects of Global Warming While Contributing to Them

(Editor’s Note:  Is anyone else hoping for a repeat of the Antarctic research ship incident from last winter??  This time, let them stay stuck in the ice.  — DQ) Climate Change Cruise Will Bring Tourists Across The Melted Arctic Kelsey D. Atherton — Popular Science — July 25, 2014 Polar bears are the largest land […]

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Great explanation of the ‘fixed quantity’ of energy in our universe / world.

I was reading about the failure of renewable energy in Europe and went on to the comment section where sometimes, you can pick up some fascinating stuff.  I came across this series of comments and thought I would share, because what is said here, is so basic and so true, but it would be very […]

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UK: List of more useless wind turbines that have been taken down

Nick Hallett — — July 29, 2014 Earlier this month, Breitbart London reported that a Welsh government office was to scrap its £50,000 wind turbine after it generated just £5 of electricity per month. It now turns out that this is not the only place small-scale wind-turbine to have proved completely pointless. Here is […]

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The Needless Desecration of our Most Beautiful Country: “March of the Wind Turbines: Wind Farm Development in Northern Ontario”

Stephanie Petroni — Northern Hoot —  July 28, 2014 On July 9th, 2014, the appeals of James Fata and 2401339 Ontario Ltd. heard by an Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) on the matter of objecting to a proposed 36 turbine industrial wind farm on Bow Lake were dismissed. Jim’s appeal was with concern to serious harm […]

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Lunatics Angry About The Insanity They’ve Caused, U.S. Coal Imports To Germany Increasing!!!

Originally posted on suyts space:
There are very few things on earth more stupid than a climate alarmist.? So, what happens when a nation decides to build too many wind and solar plants?? ….. exactly as they were warned, it doesn’t work and the nation then has to install more traditional energy plants to make…

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German Scientists: “Only ‘mysterious’ government computer models show rises in sea levels.

No Human-caused Sea Level Rise Say German Scientists Ice Cap — July 25, 2014 German scientists show that constant alarmist messages about dramatic and dangerously rising sea levels cannot be confirmed by raw tidal measurements. According to expert Klaus-Eckart Puls “measurements are actually showing the opposite.” Only “mysterious” government computer models show rises in sea […]

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UK: Anger grows over Jurassic Coast wind farm plans

Opposition to a controversial plan for a giant wind farm off the Jurassic Coast is mounting Patrick Sawer — The Telegraph — July 27, 2014 Conservative MPs have joined thousands of residents in objecting to plans for a giant offshore wind farm they fear will blight one of the most attractive stretches of Britain’s coastline. […]

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Goshen Wind Energy Centre approved by Ontario Ministry of Energy

John Miner — London Free Press — July 28, 2014  NextEra Energy Canada has been given the green light by the Ontario Environment Ministry for a $300-million wind farm in South Huron and Bluewater municipalities near the shoreline of Lake Huron. The Goshen Wind Energy Centre will involve the construction of about 60 wind turbines […]

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Good Little Article from NZ — “Climate of Fear”

By Ian Wishart — Investigate Daily — July 28, 2014 It’s been a winter of fools in the public debate about climate change in New Zealand. The public trough-snorters at NIWA and other bastions of climate ‘research’ who rely on taxpayer funding to maintain their exotic lifestyles have been hyping up their ‘warmest winter’ and […]

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Not Much Wind, But Plenty Of Hot Air!

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:
Dave Ward has sent me some details of an onshore windfarm site in Oxfordshire. The Westmill Wind Farm consists of 5 x 1.3 MW turbines, and their website provides live updates of output.                                                   The chart covers two days, up to 18th July,…

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Germany’s Habitually AWOL Green Energy…Installed Wind/Solar Often Delivers Less Than 1% Of Rated Capacity!

From No Tricks Zone — July 21, 2014 By P Gosselin on 21. Juli 2014 Germany today likes to boast a total of 36,000 megawatts of installed photovoltaic capacity and over 30,000 MW capacity of wind power. Theoretically at noon on a sunny, windy day Germany could cover almost all of its electric power demand, […]

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Professor Emeritus of Geology at Western Washington University Debunks Climate Change Report — Point by Point

From the Climate Depot — July 18, 2014 Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook, professor emeritus of geology at Western Washington University and author of 150 scientific journal articles and 10 books, including “Evidence Based Climate Science,” issued a point-by-point rebuttal to the new NOAA climate report and the media articles surrounding it. Live Science: ‘Climate Records […]

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Eco-fascist hypocrisy

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