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U.K.: Industrial Wind and Solar — A License for Greed

Wind and sun power create a charter for hostility and greed

Western Morning News (UK) — July 8, 2014

Rash of single wind turbines and solar farms creates more than ugliness, writes Martin Hesp.

The holiday season is underway and people from all over the country have been heading west, which is obviously good for the region’s economy, but also good for the way we locals think about our beloved peninsula – because some visitors make observations or say things that allow us to see the wood for the trees.

Familiarity might sometimes breed contempt, but more often it blinds us to the very things we see every day – which brings us to the subject of wind turbines and solar farms.

They’ve been popping up at a steady old rate of late – so much so that I’ve heard numerous folk from up-country say things like: “Blimey! You lot have certainly gone for the golden dollar of sustainable energy – there are windmills everywhere.”

This is usually followed by: “And they’re horrible! How come your local authorities have given so many planning permission?”

Drive the length and breadth of this peninsula as I do as roving editor-at-large of this newspaper and you cannot get away from the fact that single wind turbines are sprouting like so many tall thin field mushrooms after a shower of rain on a warm summer’s day.  Continue reading here….


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One Comment on “U.K.: Industrial Wind and Solar — A License for Greed”

  1. Mary Kay Barton July 8, 2014 at 8:54 am #

    Here’s an article that breaks down the cost (to the rest of us) of small wind turbines:

    ‘PC’ power is not “sustainable”:


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