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Understanding of the Importance of SB310 Passage by Governor Kasich in Ohio

Intro Letter to Governor Kasich from NAPAW

Time out for OHIO renewables targets, and a breather for turbine victims

Sherri Lange

Ohio’s Governor John Kasich recently made a move on wind.  Not precocious, not inflammatory, though you might think the din from the industry and other uninformed lawmakers says else, but merely a few safe moves that put reasonable limits on decisions and safety for people living near wind factories, or singles,  in the state. (Also passed was the one line protection for residents living near turbines, that the setback will now be measured from the property line, not the residence….a universally welcomed move.)

Senate Bill 310 was shattering in some respects for the wind energy. At the heart was a two year moratorium on increased mandatory mandates for renewables.  Also at risk to the industry was a longer setback, now about 1300 feet, to a property line, not a residence.  Inhibiting factors for an industry on the march in Ohio.

State Rep Mike Foley decried the Bill, called it adverse to the “current” understanding of global warming, manmade, of course, and reminding us that Ohio is already the 5th largest producer of greenhouse gases in the US, but there was obviously enough “reason” in the big room of Ohio, to sway the bill to passage. (Representative Foley called it, irrational, and embarrassing, and why would Ohio not want to barrel ahead with “clean” energy”?)

A few facts are missing, Representative Foley.  Greenhouse gases increase with more wind power.  Nothing is clean and green about wind. Now that is embarrassing.  Ontario has had its fill of the nearly hysterical songbook: “we have to clean the air of all this coal smog.”  As Dr Ross McKittrick of the University of Guelph tells us, this “clean air” story in Ontario or Ohio,  is full of holes. Patently false.

See McKittrick’s excellent essay on his view of fossil fuels and other ruminations related to “Earth Hour” hypocrisies.  Continue reading here…..


Letter to Governor Kasich

July 7 2014


Governor John Kasich

Riffe Center,

30th Floor 77 South High Street

Columbus, OH 43215-6117

Phone: (614) 466-3555




Dear Governor Kasich;

We wanted to be certain you have received our thanks regarding your signing of Senate Bill (SB) 310 and protection of people and wildlife, and livestock, by maintaining a setback to the property line, not residences.  These decisions will do much to settle the OHIO rush to wind, while more facts, long known in Europe, become available to OH public, and policy makers.

NA-PAW represents over 350 member groups and thousands of individuals from Aruba, Mexico to Alaska, and every part in-between. We liaise with EPAW, with over 650 member groups.  Many of our most active North American members are from Ohio, or are interested parties for Ohio. We are concerned about safe, reasonable, and effective energy platforms, not those that put billions in the pockets of a few developers, while gouging State and Federal funds, and of course the pocket books of ordinary Americans and Canadians, without adding effective energy to the mix at all.

The essential facts are without dispute now worldwide.

Wind power KILLS jobs, and creates only a few temporary short term jobs during construction, or due to maintenance needs.  Construction of parts is mostly done overseas, and does not contribute to the American economy. The high cost of power, due to unreasonable and mandated so called “renewables” and unhealthy subsidies that enrich the few, and give energy poverty to the rest, is also killing industry.  While a manufacturing industry, for example, may use 30% of its operating costs for electricity, an uptick to that cost of even 10% or 15% may knock it off its seat. In Ontario, Canada, we have lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs in the last five years, and it is very clear what the direct cause is: untenable subsidies for wind and solar.  Ontario was recently downgraded by Moody’s, again because financial confidence is at an all-time low, again, due to the proliferation of wind and solar at vastly escalated costs to consumers. One can only wonder how such a money making scheme ever became to be so “respectable.”

Wind power does not work. It produces scant little, or as one recent article indicated from the UK, on certain measured days, turbine assemblies are assessed to provide power  for 3 to 29  tea kettles. Even more astonishing, but now well known,  is the fact that wind factories are parasitic, using conventional power to moderate pitch, and move to capture wind, and keep blades from freezing, or shafts from destabilizing, or often to maintain the motion when there is no wind for the simple reason of public relations. Sucking conventional power, to scoop billions from the wind, but for a few developers. Not for the State or public benefit.

Wind power harms people and wildlife. This is so vastly understood, and the implications are so huge, that it would take a treatise to explain the extent of this harm. No other industry has been able to advance so strongly with so few safeguards for the environment and people.

Europe with its 30 plus years experiment in green renewables, is coming to understand, sadly, and grieve, the true costs:  economies in shambles, clawing back subsidies as they can, the harm to pristine landscapes and tourist areas, the harm to their environments, and of course social upheaval. There are more than 2000 anti-wind groups worldwide that we know of, and that number escalates as soon as more projects are announced. There is, however, an equal rush to disentangle from the mythologies and harms done.   Continue reading here….


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