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Unmasking the chilling conspiracy of global warming

Khaleej Times — July 13, 2014

A tragedy turned an Indian chemistry graduate into a filmmaker. Now he wants to expose what he says 
is the global warming myth, 
reports Nivriti Butalia.

Nine countries in the past four months. Not a bad record, especially when you consider that Zanane Rajsingh, a 26-year old filmmaker from Gujarat, first went abroad in January.

The Kolhapur-born chemistry graduate might have still remained a senior customer service representative at a knowledge-processing outsourcing job in Pune had it not been for a 16-minute short film he made about a bomb blast in the city.

In 2010, the laidback city, known for its film institute and relaxed lifestyle, suffered a trauma when a bomb exploded in a popular bakery, killing 17 people and injuring at least 60 more.

Rajsingh used to be at the German Bakery every Saturday and Sunday evening and he felt it could easily have been his life lost as well.

His film, A Candlelight Event, went on to win a series of awards. More importantly, the short film led to another film, avenues opened up for him and he wriggled into the film circuit.

His new film is a full-length feature, an American-Indian venture on climate change produced by US-based company Nanoland. The script is by Dr Rajeshkumar Acharya, Nanoland’s corporate advisor.

The preparation for the movie took time: Six months of reading to be convinced that global warming was a farce, as claimed by the script writer, Dr Acharya.

Rajsingh talks of glacial periods, and the hot and dusty Shamal winds.

“People think climate change is (due to) global warming. But global warming is a myth.”

That’s what the film talks about, the global warming ‘conspiracy’.

The first part of the film releases in January 2015. Currently, the director is on a packed schedule and constantly travelling.

Hong Kong, Singapore, Cuba, the US, Philippines — Rajsingh’s passport has been getting stamped furiously.

In January, on his first trip out of India — when his family came to the airport to see him off — he was headed to Berastagi, a village in Indonesia. There he climbed Mount Sibayak, a mountain 900m away from Mount Sinabung, one of 127 active volcanoes in Indonesia which erupted in 2010 after lying dormant for hundreds of years.

This January, Mount Sinabung erupted again, claiming at least 16 lives and displacing a village of 20,000.

Rajsingh and his team went up on the neighbouring peak to film the volcano’s surroundings.


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One Comment on “Unmasking the chilling conspiracy of global warming”

  1. sandcanyongal July 13, 2014 at 4:54 pm #

    There is a series we just watched called Cosmos, A Spacetime Odessy. I suggest that every watches this. It makes me nuts that otherwise intelligent people have absolutely no understanding of science. There appears to be a prevailing suspicion about science because many people never grasped the most elementary concepts of it.

    The reality is that we either work together or we’re all going to die together if we don’t remove fossil fuel pollution and all the other pollutants from the atmosphere. It’s that simple and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand it.

    In th series it addressed leaded gasoline? Remember leaded gas? Company scientists debunked the effects of lead in the atmosphere for over 50 years and many people went crazy and children died from lead. Remember the lies by companies with the passion that Jews remember the Holacost. Never forget.

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