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What the Politicians should know about Intermittent Power Supply


India Power Crisis - Could we be heading there? India Power Crisis – Could we be heading there?

We challenge our Politicians for their lack of Knowledge about our Energy Supplies but they do have access at to briefing notes. A big pity that they so seldom seem to read them! (or possibly their inability to understand them) Below is the Briefing Notice on Intermittency in the UK Power supply chain from the Houses of Parliament. We may question some ‘Facts’ such as energy storage which is still really a pipe dream in any form of scale but on balance a well thought out paper.

intermittent electricity – May 2014

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One Comment on “What the Politicians should know about Intermittent Power Supply”

  1. sandcanyongal July 13, 2014 at 5:27 am #

    I’ll appreciate weighing in on this. Down here in the Tehachapi Pass, the way that wind farms and utility company, Southern California Edison plans to deal with intermittent wind energy is to construct a multi-billion dollar pumped storage 2-tiered dam. Mind you, that this is the 3rd year of drought in California and extreme. California farmers have no water and are ripping out their orchards and quit ranching and are selling off their land. Yet, the energy industry thinks they can use all the water they want.

    The purpose of pumped storage dams is to use electric turbines deep underground to push the water to the upper dam during non-peak hours. During the times that wind energy is intermittent the water is sent down the pipe and generates electricity, and evening out the electric load on the transmission lines. (You can’t make this stuff up.)

    Link to Federal filing. Follow the directions near the end of the document. Put in the ID number but leave out the “-000” when looking it up in a docket search. It will also require that you register and get and ID and Password first.

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