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Not Much Wind, But Plenty Of Hot Air!


Dave Ward has sent me some details of an onshore windfarm site in Oxfordshire.
The Westmill Wind Farm consists of 5 x 1.3 MW turbines, and their website provides live updates of output.



The chart covers two days, up to 18th July, when Dave took the screen shot, during most of which next to no electricity was produced.

Windspeeds were typically around 5m/sec, which, if my brain is working properly, works out around 11 mph.

Dave particularly draws attention to the dramatic variation in output at low wind speeds, even on an hour to hour basis or less.

The Westmill website goes on to list some of the “Facts on wind generation”:

Construction of Westmill Turbine at NightWind energy is often criticised for being unreliable. Critics claim that wind energy can never replace existing power stations, or remove the need for new power stations to be built…

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