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Lunatics Angry About The Insanity They’ve Caused, U.S. Coal Imports To Germany Increasing!!!

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There are very few things on earth more stupid than a climate alarmist.

So, what happens when a nation decides to build too many wind and solar plants? ….. exactly as they were warned, it doesn’t work and the nation then has to install more traditional energy plants to make up for the instability of renewable energy.

What happens when a nation decides not to domestically use a resource in abundance in that nation, but, demanded in all parts of the world? ….. exactly as predicted/warned exports will necessarily increase.

Oh, there are plenty other foretold consequences the lunatics ignored, but, we’ll get to a couple of them in a moment.

Today, we have a couple of sources of information. Let’s look an AP story first ……

US exports help Germany increase coal, pollution

LUENEN, Germany (AP) — One of Germany’s newest coal-fired power plants rises here from the banks…

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