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Great explanation of the ‘fixed quantity’ of energy in our universe / world.

I was reading about the failure of renewable energy in Europe and went on to the comment section where sometimes, you can pick up some fascinating stuff.  I came across this series of comments and thought I would share, because what is said here, is so basic and so true, but it would be very hard to explain this to staunch wind supporters who still believe that wind energy is ‘free’.

Read full article here:   Billion Euro “Environmental Investment” little more than Ponzi Scheme


“The Watermelons strike yet again. I am tired of saying this, but it bears repeating. There is only mass and energy. There is no such thing as “renewable” energy. Energy exists as a fixed quantity in the whole of the universe, It cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed. Our so-called generators only convert one kind of energy into another. Hydroelectric dams, for instance, convert the energy given to falling water into electricity. Coal fired electrical plants are converting ancient sunlight into electricity. Oil and gas fired electrical plants are converting ancient sunlight into electricity. Nuclear power plants convert the energy of ancient star light into electrical energy. All the hydrocarbons were burn are just stored sunlight, as is the coal we burn.

The so-called “alternative” sources of energy all rely on incoming sunlight or ancient starlight that has been stored by nature in the form of fissile materials. For instance, solar power is simply the direct conversion of a tiny portion of the spectrum of radio electric energy reaching us from the nearest star–our sun. Wind power is actually solar power because if there were no sunlight warming the earth, there’d be no wind. Ditto from most ot the energy schemes involving the oceans. Geothermal energy is actually nuclear fission energy because it comes from decaying isotopes in the deep rocks of Earth’s crust. It is stored energy from distant stars.

There is no way to cheat on this. Here are the rules governing energy:

First, you cannot get more energy out of a system than you put into it.

Second, you can never get the full amount of energy available in any fuel.

Third, see the first statement. “


1st reply:

“Thinking about what you’ve written, Henry, reminds me of one of my instructors in the RAF, who was a holy terror for anyone using sloppy terminology:

“If you are speaking sloppily, that means you are thinking sloppily – and what bloody good are you when it comes to servicing and repairing highly complex equipment if you can’t tell the difference between alternating current and alternating voltage, or resistance and reactance?”

He was, of course, absolutely right – and I’m sure he would have jumped on anyone calling themselves a scientist who used the term “renewable energy”.

He once asked us to define Ohm’s Law, and one unfortunate was rash enough to answer, “V equals I times R”.

Well, the instructor went ballistic – he sounded like a hellfire and brimstone preacher with a congregation of atheists, drunks and petty criminals! He went into lucid and graphic detail as to how and why the correct answer was “the current flowing through a resistor is directly proportional to the potential difference applied to the ends of the conductor, as long as the temperature remains constant”.

(it’s astonishing – and depressing – by the way, to see the number of textbooks and technical websites which make no mention of the importance of temperature – and which say that Ohm’s Law is V = I x R!)


2nd reply:

“Absolutely spot on. It is obvious that there is not one person in the re-cycleable energy camp who has a clue about the physical reality of this universe. But that said, most of these loons see CO2 as being a poison…enough said.”



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