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The Needless Desecration of our Most Beautiful Country: “March of the Wind Turbines: Wind Farm Development in Northern Ontario”

Stephanie Petroni — Northern Hoot —  July 28, 2014

On July 9th, 2014, the appeals of James Fata and 2401339 Ontario Ltd. heard by an Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) on the matter of objecting to a proposed 36 turbine industrial wind farm on Bow Lake were dismissed. Jim’s appeal was with concern to serious harm to health and the 240 company focused their concern on the irreversible harm to the environment- little brown bats and birds, and safety- the impact of wind turbines on the Montreal River Radar Station. The ERT determined that neither appellant presented enough evidence to support their positions. That decision can be read in full on the ERT website.

Bow Lake is located about 80 clicks northwest of Sault Ste. Marie. The wind farm project has been sited along the eastern edge of Lake Superior and south of the Montreal River. The project is within the sight line of Nejik Lake residents. The Bow Lake setbacks satisfy government regulation of 500 meters or greater but for the appellants and participants in the Bow Lake appeal industrial wind turbines can never be set far enough back.

George Browne is a member of Lake Superior Action Research Conservation (LSARC). LSARC is a grassroots collective of individuals who share a common interest in conservation and preserving the Eastern shore of Lake Superior from industrialization. George was also the appellant on behalf of the 240 company. “This is not a matter of us not wanting these wind projects in our backyard. We don’t think they belong in anybody’s backyard.”  Read full article here….


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