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Climate Scientologists (and Wind Developers) destroy nature in order to save it

Paul Mulshine (Over the Transom) — The Star Ledger — July 30, 2014

I recall reading a piece some time ago by an avid environmentalist who made a point lost on his fellow environmentalists: So-called “alternative” energy can have an effect on the environment even worse than conventional energy.

This article about a plan to destroy a forest in Germany makes that point better than he ever could. It seems that a developer plans to erect 60 giant wind turbines in an untouched forest that is the pride of the region of Palitinate.

That’s too much for the locals:

“According to Die Welt, hungry wind park developers with deep pockets plan to install 60 wind turbines, each 209 meters (700 feet) tall in the area. Unsurprisingly this looming large-scale green industrialization of this particularly idyllic landscape has become too much to take, even for the most avid climate activist groups. Die Welt writes that for the first time all ten local environmental groups have closed ranks against the project, says Bernd Wallner of the Pfälzerwald-Verein (Palantinate Association).”

These people are learning the less so many New Jerseyans have already learned: Wind and solar projects can be much more irritating and ugly than any other source of power.

I wrote here about how some beautiful farm fields and tree stands at Mercer County College were bulldozed for an unsightly solar array that stretches for acres.

And then there was that horribly misguided idea of putting a wind turbine right in the middle of the small town of Ocean Gate. The houses in that Shore community are on small lots, which means many are withing hearing range. It sounds like a dryer with some loose change rattling around within.

Meanwhile the power produced by these plants can cost up to 400 times as much as conventional power according to this article. That’s because conventional gas and coal plants have to be online to make up for the unpredictable surges in wind and solar power.

I have long argued that belief in the alarmist view of anthropogenic global warming is more of a religion than a science. The true believers are essentially puritans who feel guilty about having ample electricity at their disposal. So they dream up ways of making it more expensive and less accessible.

Good for them, but if they really believed global warming was such a threat then they would be pushing the only technology that is capable of generating huge amounts of power with no CO-2 emissions. That’s nuclear power. The Germans plan to phase it out.

But somehow I suspect they won’t follow through on those plans. At a certain point, an industrial country needs power. And Germans already pay twice as much for it as we do. I don’t think they’re going to let their economy destroyed because of the work of a bunch of climate “scientists.”

I put the word in quotes because the real experts in this field are not the climatologists. By the very nature of their studies, climatologist have a vested interest in further alarmism about global warming. The more alarmism, the more money gets spent on their studies.

But the true experts are the physicists. Not surprisingly, the most prominent among them like to point out that this is a field that requires much more study before any definitive conclusions can be arrived at. The most prominent such physicist is Freeman Dyson
of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. Dyson, who may be the smartest man on the planet, has told me in some detail why he is a climate-change skeptic.  Continue reading here….


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2 Comments on “Climate Scientologists (and Wind Developers) destroy nature in order to save it”

  1. sandcanyongal July 30, 2014 at 3:48 pm #

    I concur that our climate is heating up but many of the non-profits like Sierra Club, Audubon and many others have been bought off.

    I can see hundreds of turbines from my property and realize just how puny they appear against the sky. They’re no match for nature. They stand about 487 feet off the ground. Against the sky they appear to be the mere folly of the rich.

  2. Jim Wiegand August 10, 2014 at 1:26 pm #

    According to the study by Stanford engineer Mark Z. Jacobson and 27 colleagues, the state of California should theoretically be able to supply 95 percent of its projected demand for power with wind turbines and solar power plants, with the remaining 5 percent coming from geothermal.

    What an insane concept, but a concept that will pay off $$$ handsomely for the supporters of this madness. This State goal, policy, and implementation of wind energy will destroy the state of California as we know it. In the end avian species, flying insects and bats populations will be decimated along with the quality of life for taxpayers.

    With the wind industry every flying species is in harm’s way. Endangered or threatened, means nothing to this industry except in how the problem is dealt with. For this the industry uses empty posturing, floods the the media with propaganda, creates fraudulent studies, and uses rigged mitigation proposals to wash away turbine impacts. Simply put, I see this as a criminal industry stacked with corrupt players, where nothing is at it seems.

    Eagles, whooping cranes, condors and many other species have already paid a heavy price for the fraudulent permitting process and destruction caused by these projects.Extinction to dozens of species will be coming from these turbines. But if you live in a high rise condo surrounded by cement and asphalt that probably means nothing to your artificial existence, unless you are forced to live near them.

    Here is some of the ugly truth about wind that Mark Z. Jacobson and his 27 colleagues failed to mention ……….Wind turbines will create limited energy at a tremendous price. How much of a price depends on how much destruction the residents of California want to stomach and how many 100’s billions in tax dollars they are willing to wasted on this dreadful industry. It also depends on who you wish to believe. A fool that swallows rigged research or an expert not bought off by the industry.

    Denmark is a perfect example of this madness because it considered the model for the world when it comes to wind energy. The wind industry boasts that Denmark is producing 30% of their electrical energy with wind. But this figure is very misleading because when looking at ALL the ENERGY SOURCES or sectors needed to run society like heating, manufacturing, vehicles, etc., wind energy production really totals about 5% of the energy used in Denmark.For this 5% they have about 5000 turbines with an installed capacity of around 5200 MW in a country with 5.6 million people.

    California has an installed capacity close to that of Denmark but California has close 40 million people. For CA to be where Denmark is today, we would have to install at least 10 times the current number of turbines or MW just to reach an energy production total from wind of 5%. But there are other factors involved here. Denmark has far more wind blowing through their turbines and the per capita use of energy in the CA is much higher than in Denmark.

    Imagine the blight and the destruction to this state with another 25,000-50,000 large 2MW turbines added with their thousands of miles of transmission lines. Imagine the destruction to wildlife and ecosystems. Imagine life for those living near these turbines. Then imagine how CA is ever going to make up the other 95% of the energy not being produced by these turbines. Is Ca going to build another 250,000-500,000 turbines in this state and add another 10,000 -20,000 a year just to match our growing population? It can not work.

    Then let’s let the corrupt peddlers/supporters of these turbines try to explain out how this ecosystem destroying supplemental 5% of our energy production, could ever have an impact on climate. Once again, It can not work but that is what these mad men expect you to believe.

    Thinking about electric cars? It would take 3-4 million 2 MW turbines, at 25% capacity, just to replace the fossil fuel used by vehicles today. But by the time they were built it would take another 500,000-1,000 0000 of these turbines to make up for an increasing population.
    The truth about these turbines is that enough of them can not be built to keep up with society’s increasing energy demands and their sprawling blight will smother this state. It time for the taxpayers to wake up and realize they are not a solution unless you are selling them, building the sprawling infrastructure, leasing the land they sit on, or making a killing off the MW sold to taxpayers.

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