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Ex-USFWS Agent Speaks Out on Eagle Slaughter — Freezers full of eagle carcasses.

Jim Wiegand — Master Resource — July 16, 2014 Part One:  Wind Power Slaughter: ex-USFWS Agent Speaks Out on Shiloh IV (California) “It has been well known that Shiloh’s wind turbines have slaughtered protected birds species for years. These fatalities have gone largely undocumented due to the wind industry’s practices of rigging their reports and […]

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Global Penguin Population Booms Despite Global Warming Fears

(Editor’s Note:  Another fearmongering myth bites the dust.  It really sucks that Mother Nature refuses to be a pawn in the AGW agenda.   This won’t make the alarmists very happy. — DQ) Written by Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller on July 18, 2014. Good news for penguin fans. The global population of penguins has boomed […]

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Nova Scotia Wind Turbine Manufacturer Files For Credit Protection — Taxpayers Owed Millions

Paul Withers — CBC News — July 18, 2014 The province says it hopes to recover some of the $2 million it invested in a financially-troubled Dartmouth wind turbine manufacturer. Seaforth Energy filed for protection from creditors this week owing $4 million to 62 creditors. “Since government is the only secured creditor, we expect some […]

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Countering AGW beliefs, New U.of A. F. Study Reveals Arctic Lakes Help Stabilize Climate by Soaking up Greenhouse Gases

University of Alaska Fairbanks — July 18, 2014 New University of Alaska Fairbanks research indicates that arctic thermokarst lakes stabilize climate change by storing more greenhouse gases than they emit into the atmosphere. Countering a widely-held view that thawing permafrost accelerates atmospheric warming, a study published this week in the scientific journal Nature suggests arctic […]

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Blowing Our Dollars in the Wind

Viv Forbes — The Pickering Post — July 15, 2014 Wind energy produces costly, intermittent, unpredictable electricity. But Government subsidies and mandates have encouraged a massive gamble on wind investments in Australia – over $7 billion has already been spent and another $30 billion is proposed. This expenditure is justified by the claim that by […]

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University of Edinburgh: Fire is a Major Cause of Accidents in Wind Turbines

University of Edinburgh — July 16, 2014 Fires impact on wind farms Fire is a major cause of accidents in wind turbines, according to research involving Edinburgh engineers. Researchers carried out a global assessment of the world’s wind farms, which amount to an estimated 200,000 turbines. The team, from Imperial College London, the University of […]

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Eagles killed by Palm Springs windmills raise concerns

Ian James — The Desert Sun — July 7, 2014 When eagles fly over San Gorgonio Pass, they confront a barrage of deadly obstacles among the whirring blades of windmills. It’s unclear how many birds are killed, but federal officials say the wind turbines here and at other wind farms are taking a significant toll. […]

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Got Wind Turbine Syndrome? This Harvard Medical School Professor believes you!

From Wind Turbine — June 27, 2014 Dr. Steven Rauch, an otologist at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and a professor at Harvard Medical School, believes WTS is real. Patients who have come to him to discuss WTS suffer from a “very consistent” collection of symptoms, he says. Rauch compares WTS to migraines, […]

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Italian Researcher Presents Peer-reviewed Study Which Disproves Greenhouse Effect

Why Lunar Heating / Cooling Disproves the Greenhouse Effect on Earth Principia Scientific — July 14, 2014 Written by Alberto Miatello Fresh scientific analysis of the heating and cooling rate of the moon has produced startling evidence to show that the greenhouse gas theory of global warming on earth is false. Italian researcher, Alberto Miatello […]

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Another AGW Myth Gone — German Scientists say Rising Sea Levels are Due to Natural Causes

No Human Caused Sea Level Rise Say German Scientists — Principia Scientific — July 15, 2014 German scientists show that constant alarmist messages about dramatic and dangerously rising sea levels cannot be confirmed by raw tidal measurements. According to expert Klaus-Eckart Puls “measurements are actually showing the opposite.” Only “mysterious” government computer models show rises […]

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Unmasking the chilling conspiracy of global warming

Khaleej Times — July 13, 2014 A tragedy turned an Indian chemistry graduate into a filmmaker. Now he wants to expose what he says 
is the global warming myth, 
reports Nivriti Butalia. Nine countries in the past four months. Not a bad record, especially when you consider that Zanane Rajsingh, a 26-year old filmmaker from […]

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The Day Ontario Died.

(To the tune of American Pie by Don McLean)  (Lyrics by Quixotes Last Stand) A long, long time ago I can still remember how this province used to make me smile And I knew if the liars had their chance That they would make those unions dance And maybe they’d be happy for a while But […]

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What the Politicians should know about Intermittent Power Supply

Originally posted on windfarmaction:
India Power Crisis – Could we be heading there? We challenge our Politicians for their lack of Knowledge about our Energy Supplies but they do have access at to briefing notes. A big pity that they so seldom seem to read them! (or possibly their inability to understand them) Below is…

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UK Turbine that Would Have Taken 757 Years to Pay for Itself is Scrapped

Andre Walker — — July 10, 2014 A £50,000 taxpayer-funded wind turbine is to be scrapped after it was revealed that it produced just £5 of electricity a month, according to the Daily Mail. The turbine was installed outside a Welsh government office despite warnings from Civil Servants that it was being installed in […]

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UK: Wind Power Barely Registers In June

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:
By Paul Homewood ? ? Last year, wind farms contributed about 8% of the UK’s electricity. But as we well know, there are times when the wind does not blow. A while back, I asked DECC for an analysis of the number of days when…

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