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Massachusetts: Noise From Hoosac Wind Angers Neighbours As Turbines Exceed Noise Levels by 7 DB

Scott Stafford — Berkshire Eagle — August 10, 2014

CLARKSBURG — News that noise coming from the wind turbines in the Hoosac Wind project exceeded state standards has some of the project’s neighbors calling for action, and others shrugging their shoulders.

“My expectation is for that project to comply with state standards,” said Larry Lorusso, who lives about a mile from the project in Clarksburg. “During the day, the noise is a nuisance. But at night it’s worse. At night, it goes from being a nuisance to making me really angry. And when the wind’s out of the east it blows (the noise) this way.”

About a mile down the road, across the border in Stamford, Vt., Peter Haviland doesn’t really notice the noise much.

“When I can hear them it’s sort of a gentle ‘whooshing’ sound, and it’s very faint,” Haviland said. “You have to stop and listen for it.”

He said he can hear the turbines when he’s outside his house, which is a little over a mile from the Hoosac Wind turbines, about 5 to 10 percent of the time. When he’s inside, he can’t hear them at all, even with the windows open.

“I have never, ever heard them while I was in the house,” Haviland said.

Both Haviland and Lorusso said many of their neighbors are not bothered by the noise.

Responding to noise complaints, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection requested that an independent noise study be conducted, according to Edmund Coletta, spokesman for the DEP. With 19 turbines capable of generating 1.5 megawatts, Hoosac Wind started operating in Florida and Monroe in December 2012.

The 2013 noise study didn’t show any violation of the state standard of 10 decibels over the ambient noise level from Hoosac Wind.

But it did show the need for another test under different weather conditions, which was conducted during January and February 2014.

Of these tests, there were three instances where the noise exceeded the 10 decibel level by as much as 7 decibels.  Continue reading here….


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