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28 Predictions Later or the Invasion of the Living Dead.


The plague started so quietly that nobody took any notice of the first isolated outbreak. To be truthful, we can’t actually pinpoint a single incident or even an inception date – there is no patient zero. Through sheer weight of numbers, they easily overwhelmed a few of the smaller skeptic blogs. The initial outbreaks were contained, the thermobaric fuel-air bomb dropped on the site, all the bodies burnt and the infection had been safely cauterised, or so we thought.

But then they started popping up all over the place, lurching towards us with rotting bits of gangrenous flesh hanging off them in strips and making strange incoherent grunting noises. Some people thought they could make out recurring patterns, some semblance of a meta-language hidden away in those grunts but personally I think that was simply pity on the foul creatures. That’s just projection because they were once human; there’s absolutely no demonstrable intelligence remaining…

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