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Time to Turn the Tables on Wind Proponents who Accuse Opponents of ‘Nimbyism’.

It’s astounding to read these days how pleased with themselves liberals are that the Wynne Ont gov’t is remaining steadfast in their refusal to amend the Green Energy Act in any meaningful way. It’s as easy as water off a ducks back for these progressives to delight in calling opponents to Industrial Wind Turbines as NIMBY’s and having democracy essentially waived to accomplish the policy goals backed by the GEA.

I only have this to say;

I want all these cheering Liberals to consider this;

Take your worst nightmare of a conservative leader. An amalgam of the very worst of Harper. Harris, throw in a little Ralph Klein and some Tea Party Timmy Hudak. I can sense your blood pressure rising as I write this. Oh the horror.
In the Legislature, a new bill is to be introduced called the “Nuclear Waste Recovery Act”

It will allow land owners to store nuclear waste on their properties until at such time facilities are available to neutralize the radioactive waste. Of course a setback of 550 metres would be required to non- participating “receptors” Land owners would negotiate 20 year contracts with the private companies running the nuclear facilities such as Bruce , Darlington and Pickering. Big time subsidies from the government ensure that developers and landowners alike are lining up out the door to cash in. Industrial Park areas sprinkled about the GTA sound like swell places to make this work.

Facilities that would eventually deal with the waste will be developed and the process of nuetralizing all that radioactive material would come online. The program would be a model to the world and create 50,000 jobs, ( Actually, this program COULD have a better shot at creating said number of jobs.) lowering the unemployment rate in the GTA which at present is above the national average.

So, developers with empty space in industrial parks in say, Scarborough, Pickering, North York or Mississauga, could apply for this and as long as they’re 550metres from residential areas, hey, it’s game on.

In addition, a special urban home owner program will be enacted. This unique initiative would allow home owners in large urban areas to sign contracts allowing a special individual-sized container of nuclear waste to be buried in their backyards. For doing this, each home owner will be paid $5,000 a year for 25 years. There will be no setback distances, because the government has done it’s homework and found numerous experts in the nuclear field who have testified that these containers are 100% safe. No neighbourhood input or objections would be allowed, since “nimbyism” will not be tolerated.

I sense it could face some opposition. Municipal governments would complain as their constituents would be going apoplectic over a nuclear waste facility in their neighborhood. Proponents, funded by Big Nuclear, would just refer to them as NIMBY’s. It would slowly dawn upon these residents that the NWR act strips away all municipalities rights to oppose this very much needed service.

Residents would come armed with health studies, but those dastardly conservatives in power have studies of their own citing that their own Medical Officer Of Health has signed off on the policy and states that there is “No significant hazard to health.” Tribunals set up to hear citizens grievances, would be stacked by the conservatives with sympathetic board members making any challenge an exercise in futility.

So now, with some facilities now open, reports of radiation leaks are ubiqutous. MoE will come to investigate and essentially find nothing since they’re not even equipped to measure anything. Wildlife , such as it is would be struggling to adapt to these conditions. Local human health could also suffer an immeasurable toll. Meanwhile, the developers and landowners are far,far away counting and folding all that taxpayer booty.

My point to all you liberal cheerleaders is that you’re all for this when it suits you. When it’s on the other foot, you’d be unspooling.  My contention is that no government, be it Liberal ,Conservative or otherwise should EVER be able to wield this kind of power over it’s citizens, urban or rural.

Paul Kuster


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