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Colour Us Surprised: Pricey Wind Turbines Remain Idle

Mark Sommerhauser — USA Today — August 31, 2014

ST. CLOUD, Minn. — Visions of a national wind energy bonanza have been a costly mirage for the Department of Veterans Affairs, even after five years of work and more than $3.7 million spent.

A Times investigation found the department has little to show for its coast-to-coast attempt at wind energy development.

Starting in 2009, the VA system studied 14 sites across the U.S. for wind energy projects. Four sites were selected, one of which was the St. Cloud VA Health Care System.

Five years later, just one of those sites — a veterans cemetery in Massachusetts — has a functioning wind turbine.

Efforts to build wind energy systems to power VA facilities in St. Cloud, Utah and New York fell short for various reasons: mechanical problems with a wind turbine, poor site selection and, according to an engineer who worked on one of the projects, a turbine manufacturer that went out of business.  Continue reading here…..


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