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Greenwich, Ohio: School Board And Residents Refuse to Give up The Fight Against Wind Turbines — “We’re Awake Now”

South Central school board, officials signed letter opposing project.

Joe Centers — Norwalk Reflector — August 31, 2014

The fight is not over.

Residents know they have a battle on their hands, but they haven’t given up in their opposition to a windpark in their community. On Monday, the Ohio Power Siting Board approved the Greenwich Windpark, LLC.

Kevin Ledet, of rural Greenwich, spoke at Tuesday’s Huron County Commissioners meeting and said now that the windfarm is approved, it’s important the commissioners do not approve an alternative energy zone or any other type of tax abatement for the windfarm so, at least, the county can reap the full benefit of the project.

“I’m really proud of the people of Greenwich for stepping up,” Ledet said, referring to the recent stand many residents took against the project.

“But, we as a community dropped the ball,” he added. “I did, as an individual.”

Ledet said the windfarm was a “done deal” long before Monday’s hearing.

“There were seven or eight cases and in 12 minutes, they were all approved,” he said, referring to an Ohio Power Siting Board’s recent meeting during which they approved the Greenwich project.

Connie Oney, a member of Greenwich Neighbors United (www.greenwichneighborsunited.com), was at Monday’s meeting in Columbus.

“There were about 13 people (supporting Greenwich) there,” Oney said.

“We have 30 days to apply for another hearing. (Opposition to) every other wind project was completely denied. We had hundreds of people petitioning. We had hundreds who wrote to the board.”  Continue reading here…..



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