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The Global Warming Scam Was Explained Almost 20 Years Ago

Real Science

Bookmark this classic 1995 article in the Canberra Times. This guy had the entire scam nailed from day one.

To conclude that CO2 emissions are a threat to the environment would be doubtful and premature. Only a closer examination of the atmosphere over a long period and further detailed studies will decide the matter,” Barrett said in a recent scientific paper which caused frissons of anger among scientists.

Barrett, from Imperial College’s chemistry department, pours thinly veiled scorn on the arguments of the “warmers”, saying they are based on unreliable data, misunderstand the self-correcting nature of the earth’s atmosphere and represent science-by-committee. He says IPCC scientists based their theories on the fact that the earth’s temperature has increased by 0.8°C in the 20th century.

“This is within the expected margins of error for such a study,” he says. “A hard scientific view would be that there has been no discernible change…

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