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We’re Calling It Now: When Will the Alarmists Take the Credit??

Note the date — September 13, 2014

Over the past few years, I’ve kept tabs on the earths atmospheric content of CO2 as measured at the Keeling Observatory at Mauna Loa , Hawaii. It seems we’ve been bumping up against the 400ppm mark for awhile now and haven’t blasted through and accelerated up to the recently predicted level of 450 ppm.

Combine that with the plateauing, as well, of global temperatures, it makes me wonder the following;

When will the climate alarmists turn about face and start to take credit for this reality, given what can be best described as their pathetic and futile attempt to fight climate change?  Up till now, they’ve been denying the pause in global temperature rise.  Although they’ve come up with 52 excuses to explain it, technically, they’ve continued to deny it even exists.

There has to come a point where alarmists accept the reality of global temperatures not rising and the notion that atmospheric CO2 has perhaps done the same? Coupled with the reduction of extreme weather events, negligible sea level rise etc. etc. reality is starting to pile up.   I see the day in the near future that all those climate marches, movies and speeches and useless wind turbines, will be credited by the alarmist crowd as being responsible for stopping global warming.

Up until now, the pedal is still to the floor with these doomsayers, with their end of times predictions, but we’ve seen them move the goalposts before. It’s not inconceivable for the memo to go out that literally flips the field.

I think it’s important to note, that for them, it’s never been about the climate or environment – that’s been proven.   It’s about their perceived moral authority that it’s up to them to control the populace. This switch has the opportunity for them to go around claiming they’ve been right all along and the policies they’ve espoused are working.

So now, all I want to do is make a prediction myself as to when the alarmists will make this switch.   I see it coming.  With their fear-mongering agenda sinking fast, it’s only a matter of time.  I’m calling them out on this now.  Who’s game to post the over / under on when this will occur?

Spread the message around to everyone and to all of your groups, so that when the time comes that the alarmists do start to claim victory over global warming, you can point to this day and say, “We knew this was coming.”

Paul Kuster

Hat tip to J. Leal and ClimateHiJinx for this.

Hat tip to J. Leal and ClimateHiJinx for this.

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