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30 Foot Sea Rise, Super Storms. What’s the latest doomsday prediction?? MEGA DROUGHTS!!!!

(Editor’s Note:  Now we will be hearing about the coming of MEGAdroughts.  Good grief.  Anthropogenic Global Warming is a religion.  And as with ALL religions, it is built on fear-mongering, doomsday predictions, blind faith and tithing [carbon fees]. — DQ)

No rain for decades: Stand by for the ‘megadroughts’, scientists warn

Tom Bawden — The Independent — September 15, 2014

Climate change is set to unleash a series of decades-long “megadroughts” this century, according to research to be published this week.

Experts warn the droughts could be even more severe than the prolonged water shortage currently afflicting California, where residents have resorted to stealing from fire hydrants amid mass crop failures and regular wildfires.

Megadroughts – which are generally defined as lasting 35 years or more – will become considerably more frequent as global warming increases temperatures and reduces rainfall in regions already susceptible, warns Cornell University’s Dr Toby Ault, the author of the new report.

Megadroughts are also likely to be hotter and last longer than in the past, he claimed. His peer-reviewed research – to be published in the American Meterological Society’s Journal of Climate – is the first to scientifically establish that climate change exacerbates the threat.  Continue reading here….


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2 Comments on “30 Foot Sea Rise, Super Storms. What’s the latest doomsday prediction?? MEGA DROUGHTS!!!!”

  1. Claude Lelouch September 17, 2014 at 9:54 pm #

    Some said I should look at your site because they said you were gullible to anyone that hated turbines.

    How many peer reviewed article are they that say you are crazy??

    • Donna Quixote September 18, 2014 at 6:55 am #

      Hi Claude. Actually, the “peer-reviewed” articles that we’ve read about the supposed benefits of industrial wind turbines, are ones that have been sponsored or put out by the wind industry.

      If you have access to any real studies done by unbiased, independent groups that show that wind turbines are NOT detrimental to the environment, are efficient and not harmful to a certain percentage of the population, please cite them for us

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