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Scotland: Wind Farm Developers Deny People Their Democratic Right

Penicuckoo (UK) — October 4, 2014

The chairman of a local environmental protection group has hit out at developers of the planned Mount Lothian wind farm, who have appealed to the Scottish Government weeks before a public meeting, forbidding public representation.

Plans for a nine turbine wind farm south of Penicuik will now be considered by the Scottish Government’s planning appeal body after Midlothian Council failed to give their decision within the allocated time period of four months.

Wind Prospect Developments Ltd and EDF Renewables are hoping to erect nine 102 metre tall wind turbines on Penicuik’s Mount Lothian, just off the B6372. The developer says that each turbine would be capable of generating 2.3 megawatts of power, with a collective sum of 20.7 megawatts being generated per year. All in all this could power 11,092 homes across Scotland.

However after submitting plans to Midlothian Council back in February, the application is yet to be formally decided upon. This is partly down to the developers themselves according to the council. The following is from the council’s appeal statement:

The council wishes to make it known that it [the application] had been prepared for determination in May 2014 however due to difficulties in arranging a pre-determination hearing (availability of the applicant, other participants, venue and council members) this had to be delayed.

The appellant was made fully aware of this at the time. Furthermore, at the time that the appeal was submitted the appellant was fully aware of the proposed schedule for determination of the application. This was for a pre- determination hearing to be held at Penicuik Town Hall on 26 September 2014, with a planning committee date of 07 October 2014.

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