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Atmospheric Physicist Explains Why the 97% Consensus is an Urban Myth

Consensus is central to politics but irrelevant to science where logic and data prevail.  A simple internet search of “97% of scientists” finds a dozen articles that prove the oft-quoted claim is an urban myth.

Ed Berry — The Missoulian — September 2014

The primary source of this hoax comes from a report by John Cook of the University of Queensland.  Cook claims to have reviewed over 11,000 climate science articles.

Cook’s report says 97.1 percent of the reviewed abstracts conclude “humans are causing global warming.”  Well, by how much?  Everyone agrees there is a very small effect.  So this statement means nothing.  Cook made the mistake of including in his 97 percent, papers by well-known skeptical scientists.

In 2013, David Legates and others published a recount of Cook’s data that shows only 64 out of 11,944 papers, or 0.5 percent, published since 1991 say “most” warming since 1950 was manmade.

Here’s a short summary of my talk to the Flathead Pachyderm Club on March 7:

In the past 600 million years, our solar system passed through our spiral arms of our Milky Way.  Earth’s average temperature was 22C when outside our galaxy’s spiral arms but decreased when inside each spiral arm, where cosmic rays are stronger.

From 450 million to 420 million years ago, Earth passed through the Perseus spiral arm and the average temperature dropped to 12C even while CO2 concentration was at 4,500 ppm, 11 times today’s CO2 concentration.  These temperature drops during high CO2 contradcit the global warming hypothesis.  Upon exiting the Perseus spiral arm, Earth’s temperature returned to 22C.

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“If future research confirms a Milky Way galaxy-biodiversity link, it would force scientists to broaden their ideas about what can influence life on Earth. “Maybe it’s not just the climate and the tectonic events on Earth,” says UK paleontologist Bruce Lieberman. “Maybe we have to start thinking more about the extraterrestrial environment as well.”


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