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Ontario: MoE Approves Third Phase of Grand Valley Wind Farm Plan

(Editors Note:  So much for Wynne’s continued lies about more community input into these projects.  Now that they’ve won a majority, they will just run roughshod over all rural communities — DQ)

Chris Halliday — Orangeville Banner — October 15, 2014

Opponents to the wind farm raise concerns about project’s proximity to the Luther Marsh

More wind turbines are going to be built in Grand Valley and Amaranth.

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has approved the third phase of the Grand Valley Wind Farms project, which will see a 40 MW wind farm operating in the area when construction is complete.

According to the Renewable Energy Approval (REA), Grand Valley Wind Farms Inc. has been gained permission to construct and operate up to 16 wind turbines and a 45 MVA (million volt-ampere) transformer in Grand Valley and Amaranth.

Veresen Inc., the developing partner of the Grand Valley Wind Farms, has been given a period of three years to connect the entire 40 MW facility to the grid.

Grand Valley Wind Farms Inc. applied for REA approval earlier this year and received it on Thursday (Oct. 15).

Any residents of Ontario wishing to appeal the decision to the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) must submit written notice within 15 days of the REA approval.

“After a comprehensive review and consultation, the ministry has approved Grand Valley Wind Farms Phase 3 wind project in Dufferin County,” MOE spokesperson Kate Jordan said in an email. “Many of the conditions, including the requirement for a traffic management plan, noise requirements and the requirement to create an emergency response and communications plan address comments we heard from the public and Town of Grand Valley.”  Continue reading here….


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One Comment on “Ontario: MoE Approves Third Phase of Grand Valley Wind Farm Plan”

  1. Christopher King October 15, 2014 at 7:15 pm #

    Once they have a foot in the door its build , build, build and to hell with democracy, I feel bad for the people of this area, but when you have a liberal government that does not give a damn, this is what you get.

    The rest of the world is reeling the WT in and CANADA is not. Whats up with that!!!!!!

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