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UK: Government is Ignoring Health Risks Associated with Wind Turbines

Phil Higham, Lanreath Western Morning News — October 15, 2014

Phil Goodwin’s article “Living near wind turbines may be risk to hearing” (of October 6) refers to a small but convincing study by scientists from Munich University published by the Royal Society. He reports: “The study found that the physical composition of the inner ear was drastically altered following exposure to low frequencies, such as those emitted by wind turbines” and “the research could explain some of the symptoms reported by those living near masts”. It concludes: “People think if you can’t hear it then it’s not a problem. But it is entering your inner ear even though it is not entering your consciousness.”.

This is yet another piece of specific research confirming the problems caused by low-frequency sound and inaudible infrasound (LFIN) to those living near or regularly exposed to wind turbines. NASA discovered in the 1980s that pilots’ reactions were impaired by turbines used in aircraft equipment, but the first published medical study (citing 40 UK cases of complaint about turbines) was put on the internet in 2003 by Amanda Harry, a well-qualified doctor from Cornwall.

Many later independent medical studies have shown that symptoms reported worldwide are convincingly explained by the way LFIN disturbs inner ear vestibular systems governing various brain functions and causes body vibrations.

Acoustic studies show LFIN resonates inside buildings. In addition to hearing damage, harm to health attributed to proximity to turbines includes sleep disorders, severe more frequent headaches and migraines, tinnitus, over-sensitivity to normal sounds, nausea, motion sickness, vertigo, balance disturbances, visual blurring, possibly severe, anxiety sometimes with episodic panic attacks and awakenings, and raised blood pressure.

Severity of symptoms is affected by length of exposure and the distances between turbines and habitation (no minimum applies).   Continue reading here….


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One Comment on “UK: Government is Ignoring Health Risks Associated with Wind Turbines”

  1. sandcanyongal October 16, 2014 at 1:59 pm #

    Here is a report I found on our local site today about pressure waves and noise in a resident’s house in Australia.

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