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Australia: Green City Residents Use “Nimby” Secure in the Knowledge They Will Never Live Near a Turbine

Letter to the Editor — Goulburn Post (AU) — October 19, 2014

I AM writing regarding Jupiter wind farm, proposed for the area surrounding Tarago. The proposed development would consist of up to 110 wind turbines each 170 meters or 50 stories tall.

The developer is EPYC a company which I understand is over 80 per cent Spanish owned.

My partner and I are long term residents from within the project area.

Like most locals we live here for the peace and quiet. We now face the sickening possibility of our home being sandwiched between banks of these colossal turbines, situated on our neighbours land, and possibly as close as 600 meters from our house door.

After having contacted NSW Dept of Planning about the situation, and having received no helpful response, we find ourselves with no alternative but to speak out publicly against the frightening unfairness surrounding the current approach to wind farm development in The Southern Highlands.

The turbines proposed are mind boggling huge, this cannot be overstated.

They are taller than the Sydney Harbour Bridge and very nearly as tall as Canberra’s Black Mountain Tower.

They are bigger than the ones around Bungendore and, for close residents, will never be obscured by tree plantings or anything else. Giant turbines may be a novelty to marvel at for a few moments, as we drive past, but I don’t think many Australians would want to live in their midst 24/7. I have observed the use of the term NIMBY in the media, in relation to rural residents who express any doubt about wind farm development near their homes.

The most enthusiastic users of this brutal and provocative term seem to be “green” city residents, who may be comfortable in the knowledge that their communities will never be the target of wind farm development. It seems common sense that any person who learns that their beloved home may soon be surrounded by giant turbines will be understandably devastated, and should not be subjected to cheap name calling.  (Continue reading here…..)


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