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Toronto is looking for ideas of how to redesign their waterfront — We can tell them

I think it’s time for the biggest power hogs in the province to start being responsible for making their own green energy.  If they’re looking for ideas of what to put along their shoreline, I think we can all give them some ideas.

Tell them what you think here…..

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One Comment on “Toronto is looking for ideas of how to redesign their waterfront — We can tell them”

  1. Fred McEachern February 7, 2015 at 4:00 pm #


    I want to share my vision with the waterfront board and people who may be in a position to help make this great idea a reality! Please share this idea! 

    Cherry beach; a great asset in Toronto is the place that I envision a separated body of water with a natural beach, an elevated water level (above the lake level), salinated and separated from the lake with a cement berm. It would be a vanishing pool, such that from the beach, it would look like the entire Lake Ontario! Of course on windy days the isolated Lake would have smaller waves . . . The main attraction is the water, due to its purity, would be light blue like a southern ocean beach!

    The new floor of the man made lake would be excavated with new sand brought in. A network of perforated buried water pipes would be utilized as a natural water filter. The Large pump needed could be powered by a local wind turbine.

    I am not an economist, however this would be quite an attraction for Toronto. Just imagine it! Islolated from the greater Lake Ontario it would get much warmer, maybe this could be scientifically calculated to determine the size of the enclosed Lake!

    The water could be sourced from storm sewers that put salt into the Lake from winter Road salination. Of course this may not be cost effective, there are possibly many infrastructure chalenges to this.

    From the the Lake side the cement berm would be very visible, possibly yellow black stripes?

    Sound exciting doesn’t it!

    Please keep me in the loop of this idea catching on.


    Fred J Baron M cEachern

    Sent from ~ http://fredjbaron.houzz.com/ ~ Mobile

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