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Ohio: Wind Energy Industry Protests Bird-Kill Fines

Ohio House passes legislation

Jim Provance — The Blade — November 22, 2014

COLUMBUS — Ohio’s fledgling wind energy industry is balking at a largely ignored provision of a massive environmental bill overwhelmingly approved in the House this week, arguing it is designed to throw one more wrench into its turbines.

The language would allow the state Department of Natural Resources to impose additional fees on wind farms based on the killing and injury, or “take,” of wild animals, a broad restriction the wind industry maintains would not be imposed on its competitors.

“No other state in the country has done that,” said Dayna Baird Payne, a lobbyist representing the American Wind Energy Association. “Some have done it for threatened and endangered species.”

She argued that the wind industry could be penalized for the deaths of common crows and other birds, squirrels, and chipmunks when a similar mandate isn’t placed on solar and other renewable energy sources.

“It’s laughable at best,” she said. “It’s certainly unfair. It’s like saying only drivers in purple cars need a ‘take’ permit when they run over a squirrel.”  (Continue reading here….)


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