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“Blue” Energy! Have the Dutch Come Up With a Truly Environmentally Friendly Renewable Energy?

Dutch researchers to produce electricity from ‘blue energy’

Dutch researchers are trying to popularize a new renewable energy source called “blue energy”.

On Wednesday, REDstack BV, the Dutch company which supervises the project, opened a test facility in order to popularize blue energy and pave the way for the construction of blue energy plants in the 2020s, said the firm’s chief executive officer, Rik Siebers.

Blue energy employs the difference between the salt concentration levels in sea water and fresh water in order to produce electricity.

“For wind turbines you need wind, and solar panels work in the day, but water is always flowing,” Siebers stated on Wednesday.

At this stage, the plant will only produce 50 megawatts which can provide electricity for around 100 homes.

The blue energy technique employs two filters with salt and fresh water. One filter allows the entry of positively charged sodium ions while the other lets in negatively charged chlorine ions, producing a natural battery.

The Netherlands abound with various river-coast interchanges such as the Rhine and Meuse river deltas.

(Editor’s Note: Is this a new renewable energy that is actually non-intrusive, environmentally friendly and truly ‘green’?  If so much money wasn’t poured into inefficient and unreliable ideas like wind, we could be making great advances on something like this that is actually beneficial for the planet.)


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