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John Hayward — Breitbart.com — January 14, 2015

Think Progress is unhappy with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s insufficient enthusiasm in pushing “climate change” propaganda on the farmers he regulates:

“‘Weather variation’ is USDA code for ‘climate change’ — Vilsack.” That was the headline in the E&E News story Monday on U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack speaking to reporters at the annual convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Apparently, the USDA “tiptoes around the term ‘climate change’ when it promotes programs to farmers.” Is the USDA motto now, “Speak no climate change, hear no climate change”?

It’s like when a coughing pack-a-day smoker sees a doctor who says she has “health variation” rather than “early-stage emphysema.” Or the dangerously obese man whose doctor tells him he has “weight variation” rather than a chronic, worsening condition. Except doctors don’t do that because they would rightly be charged with malpractice.

So why does Vilsack do it? Per E&E News, he said “farmers shy from politically charged conversations but are worried about drought, excessive flooding, shorter growing seasons and other weather woes linked to global warming.”

“To me, we’re dealing with semantics here,” Vilsack told reporters at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention in San Diego. “As long as the conversation can continue in some vein, if you want to talk about weather variation, I’m fine with that.”

But if the climate isn’t changing thanks to human activity then the droughts, “excessive flooding” and “other weather woes liked to global warming” are nothing more than random, passing events. In that case, why would a farmer need to prepare for more — and more intense — weather “variations”?

Anyone paying attention to the actual, you know, science, is aware there is no global warming. The fanatics who push this nonsense have been going absolutely nuts trying to explain why all of their vaunted “models” were wrong, sea ice is growing instead of receding, and global temperatures have been flat for 18 years and counting.  (Continue reading here….)


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  1. Austin January 17, 2015 at 9:44 am #

    Climate change is real. I’m not sure where you go this two-bit article but clearly he is doing nothing but confusing his ignorant readers. The “you know, science ” is real! Climate change is real! And anyone who claims to be a scientist and say otherwise may as well be a chiropractor saying they can cure cancer by cracking your back.

    Fact: more scientists today will tell you climate change is real than will tell you they agree with evolutionary theory!

    Stick that in you tailpipe and drive!!!

    • Donna Quixote January 17, 2015 at 9:51 am #

      Of course climate change is real. It’s been happening for billions of years. No one denies that. Where the dispute comes in, is whether THIS time it is caused by man, as opposed to the billions of years of climate change that happened before. And you trust politicians who say, “Pay a carbon tax and we’ll ‘fix’ the climate” ?? Really? How?

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