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How the CBC and National Post Twist Facts to Suit Their AGW Agenda

There’s a CBC article dealing with Canada hosting fewer North Pole expeditions.  The headline glaringly attributes this to climate change (with a small nod to economics).  Upon reading the article though, the operators of these polar expeditions explain that it is due to the costs of doing business, limited budgets and transportation fees. WAY down […]

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Australia: Legal Move Threatened Over Media Report on Wind Turbines

Simon King, Senior Reporter — The Australian — February 21, 2015 ACOUSTIC expert Steven Cooper is considering launching legal action against the ABC’s Media Watch program for its portrayal of him and his research on the effect of the Pacific Hydro wind turbines on local residents. On the February 16 edition of Media Watch host […]

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The Ontario Clean Energy Benefit and it’s costs to taxpayers…

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More wind generation on Ontario electricity grid means more pollution

Originally posted on The Don Jones Articles:
By: Donald Jones, P.Eng., retired nuclear industry engineer, 2015 January It seems that the more wind there is on the Ontario electricity grid the more pollution there is. Case in point, a snapshot of the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) Generator Output and Capability Report for 2015 January…

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Ramsele, Sweden Residents Hold Protest March Against Wind Turbines

Ramsele, Sweden (Population roughly 950) held a demonstration against wind turbines on February 14, 2015.    Well done to get this size of a crowd out in such a small little town.  It says a lot.  Tip of the hat to C. Berg for this video. Click here to view the video posted on FB  (There is […]

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‘Big Wind’ destroys the environment while providing no net benefit

Mary Kay Barton — Orleans Hub — February 11, 2015 Considering the history of complete and utter civil discord created by Big Wind projects in rural New York State communities over the past decade – and the fact that industrial wind is a net economic and environmental loser – Orleans and Niagara County residents should […]

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Peer-reviewed literature supports anti-wind sentiment

Ryan Taylor — — February 12, 2015 In a recent WBOC newscast, Paul Harris, development manager for Pioneer Green’s Somerset County wind farm project, said there are “more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific studies that dispel health concerns related to turbines.” I asked Harris to provide a list of these publications, which he did. Upon […]

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The Green Party, Rick Mercer and the Huff. Post are Mad Because P.M. Harper Won’t Encourage the Use of Fossil Fuels

Yep, that’s right.  If you want to see faux-environmental and liberal hypocrisy on full display, just check out Rick Mercer’s rant about the Federal Conservatives not doing more to promote tourism to Canada from other countries.  The Huffington Post showcased the rant and of course, all of the liberal hypocrites are screaming about the fact […]

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Australia: Research council calls for further study into ‘wind turbine sickness’, sets aside $500,000 in grants

Sarah Phillips — ABC (Australia) — February 11, 2014 The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australia’s premier health research body, has called for Australian scientists to look into so-called “wind turbine sickness”, saying that very few scientifically rigorous studies have been done. The council has set aside $500,000 in funding grants for the […]

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Germany: “Not All Things Green Serve the Purpose of Nature Conservation”

Germany’s “energywende” threatens migratory bats Forschungsverbund, Berlin — February 11, 2015 Numerous bats are killed by German wind turbines. The number of such turbines, already very high, is planned to be increased further. More than two-thirds of bats being killed by wind turbines on German ground are migrants on their way between summer and winter […]

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A Comparison Diagram Between Wind and Nuclear

From the Canadian Facebook Group “Talk Nuclear” 

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Wind Turbine Infrasound Recordings Shown On An Oscilloscope

Special thanks to J. Addie from Ireland for showing us this video made by Kevin Dooley in a couple of Ontario homes. Click here to watch video showing the distinct fingerprint of nearby wind turbines.

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Third in our Wynne focus series — the Sudbury election

The complete lack of moral fibre and integrity behind the Sudbury voters decision to hand the Liberals another win, defies all logic and reasoning.

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Germans Feel the Burden of Its Shift to Renewable Energy

(Take note of which countries make up 2 of the top 3 in terms of electricity prices in Europe.  The ones most heavily into wind. Coincidence??? — DQ) Stratfor Enterprises — February 5, 2015   Germany is experiencing deflation for the first time since 2009. Though other factors have certainly contributed to the economic decline, […]

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Ontario’s big wind bonanza: Over 90% of subsidies funneled to just 11 companies

Brady Yauch — Financial Post — February 4, 2015 When the Ontario government launched its Green Energy Act (GEA ) in 2009, it promised “new green economy jobs” and ” a wide range of economic opportunities.” Then Minister of Energy George Smitherman argued that the GEA would be a boon to Ontarians of all stripes: […]

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