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How the CBC and National Post Twist Facts to Suit Their AGW Agenda

There’s a CBC article dealing with Canada hosting fewer North Pole expeditions.  The headline glaringly attributes this to climate change (with a small nod to economics).  Upon reading the article though, the operators of these polar expeditions explain that it is due to the costs of doing business, limited budgets and transportation fees.

WAY down at the bottom of the article, there’s a smaller section that talks about NASA and NSIDC stats that state Arctic sea ice is at its THIRD lowest since 1978 and that shorter winters narrow the window of opportunity.

Is there a comment section at the bottom for people to point this blatant propaganda out to the CBC?  Of course not.  And we all know that most people today are too bloody lazy to actually read an entire article.  They’ll scan the headline “Canada hosts fewer North Pole expeditions due to climate change, economics” and off they go telling all of their eco buddies that there is more confirmation that the planet is heating up.

To read the article, click here…..

Continuing along this theme of the media pushing the global warming agenda, the National Post also put out a story yesterday about “Alberta’s” ski season being ruined by weather that is ‘too warm‘.  Not just a small local area of Alberta (which is what it really is), but the headline leads you to believe that the whole province is experiencing a warm winter.    What is interesting on this FB page is the comments below the article, basically calling the article nonsense for several reasons, which I will leave up to you to read, here…..

All this as the Great Lakes are freezing up even faster than last year and much of North America is in the icy grips of one hell of a cold blast.   At what point do the majority of sane rational people just start screaming, “Bullshit!!” — DQ


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2 Comments on “How the CBC and National Post Twist Facts to Suit Their AGW Agenda”

  1. andreasmarciniak February 25, 2015 at 7:54 am #

    Reblogged this on ajmarciniak.

  2. Sommer March 6, 2015 at 1:52 pm #

    Thanks for this assessment of CBC and the National Post on the AGW Agenda.

    Here’s more to consider.


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