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What I truly despise about the green mentality.


It’s about fear, paralysing self-doubt and above all, inward-looking. It has a veneer of caring but it is chronically selfish and insulated from ordinary people. Consequently, it can’t really relate to sweaty complicated variables like human beings. It simplifies them, abstracts them as objects, little unreal figures, digitised peasants populating the unspoilt pastoral landscape of their worldview. It knows what’s good for us little stick figures running around in meaningless circles.

Once people become objects, you no longer have to think of them as people. That’s why Greens can happily advocate genocidal policies for other people without feeling the pain and therefore kill our weakest and most vulnerable, because the victims are not real. There is only one victim and that’s the environment, and we’re always portrayed as the criminals doing the killing. That is why I fight it.

It’s a bunch of well-heeled inner city dipshits who’ve read a lot…

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