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Wind farms: The worst idea since Cash for Clunkers

Dr. Jamin Hubner — Mitchell Republic — April 29, 2015

Remember Cash for Clunkers? That 2009 government program that spent $6 billion to save $1 billion? Imagine walking up to a person and saying, “I want to save some money; I’ll give you six dollars if you give me one dollar back.” Genius. Leave it to Congress to devise (and enact) such brilliance.

There are dozens of government programs like these — all failures. The reason why is easy to understand: the government has no money of its own. It can only take from others and “give” some of it back. A full return is impossible, since this process of organized theft costs money itself. The end result is a net loss — regardless of how many jobs were temporarily created.

Wind farms is another such program. I didn’t realize this at first when witnessing their construction near Tripp (and soon to be Bon Homme County, where I was raised).

I used to think wind farms were about electricity … until I realized:   (Continue reading here….)


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One Comment on “Wind farms: The worst idea since Cash for Clunkers”

  1. Marshall Rosenthal April 29, 2015 at 10:45 pm #

    So true. And remember that these are elaborate government money laundering machines that are connected to the grid. They draw “dirty” energy into themselves and pass it through their metering system to allow their operators to claim treble Production Tax Credit dollars that must be paid by the public. This is a stunning fraud that is the greatest threat to society ever, far more than any previous totalitarian collectivist scheme.

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