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Let The Birds Die! Worship the Wind Turbines!

Thanks to Lyndsey for finding this.


Tens of thousands of birds, many of them endangered species, are being killed by wind turbines every year and as we build more even more will be killed. Why do you never hear about the “green” climate activists getting upset by this? But just wait until there’s an oil spill….!

Death to the birds! it’s the price we must pay,
Without totem poles where do we pray?
Wind turbines their beauty, we must all admire,
As their blades keep on turning, as their motors catch fire!

Will Scribe Wind Turbine on Fire 1

Thanks to Reddit Weekly

We’re sick of natural beauty, it’s been around forever;
Let’s blight it with wind farms, so that we must never
Gaze across moors, mountains and valleys,
Without seeing those blades turn in the breeze.

 Sacrifice Golden Eagles, let’s cut off their heads;
By wind turbine blades, let’s tear them to shreds.
Climate change extremists, will they be concerned?
Progress, they…

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2 Comments on “Let The Birds Die! Worship the Wind Turbines!”

  1. Tracy May 15, 2015 at 10:50 am #

    People die too. It doesn’t matter.

  2. Tracy May 19, 2015 at 10:12 pm #

    Poor birds, poor Mother Earth. Who cares? Come on now; the effects of wind turbines are killing people. Manslaughter. I am appauled that people care less about each other.
    The CEO’s of the wind companies should be thrown in jail immediately. These people must pay for the damage they have done.
    My vacant house is surrounded by wind turbines. The closest one is 400 meters from my house. It would be a perfect jail house. Throw the thieving murderers in it and let them have a good dose of their own torture-exposure to infrasound.

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