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Tilting at Windmills – It’s Time to Stop

Again, thanks to Lyndsey.


Tilting at Windmills – An old English expression meaning attacking imaginary enemies. 

Komoa Wind Farm, South Point Hawaii 2010

Like a thousand church spires reaching up to the skies,
Venerated by politicians, taxpayers’ money used to subsidise
These symbols of a power, but not the generating kind,
It’s the power of a fear that makes us all blind.

For our taxpayers’ money a huge drain has been found;
Manufacturers and the warmists all gathered around
To feed from the honey pot, before it’s too late,
When grants and subsidies are removed from the plate.

They tell us now man is in control of the climate,
And Mother Nature’s famed wrath we will have to placate
By making sacrifices, by building temples to warming;
And climate change priests will ensure we’re conforming.

Those vast turbine blades that gently turn in the breeze,
With motors we heat, so that they won’t freeze.
Unable to produce power at our real…

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