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From Illinois — Dr. Paul Schomer Presentation “Effects of Wind Turbine Acoustic Emissions” Available on Request

Please read the following letter advising how to get a copy of Dr. Schomer’s power point presentation.  Do NOT contact Quixotes.  Follow the directions below and if you have difficulty, please leave a comment.  Thanks — DQ ****************************************************************** This past Tuesday evening, June 23rd, renowned noise expert, Dr. Paul Schomer presented a power point entitled […]

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Australia Video: How Wind Farms Destroy the Environment Part 4 — Health and Union Corruption

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Is EPA Helping Green Groups Raise Funds in Exchange for Favorable Research?

Kevin Mooney — The Daily Signal — June 21, 2015 On first glance, this is a rather routine story in the environmental policy wars. A study published in the journal Nature Climate Change said researchers had found that if rules being considered by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce carbon emissions were enacted, it would […]

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Scotland: Excellent News Video on the Ending of Onshore Wind Subsidies

Scotland has decided to end onshore wind subsidies. The clip is 18 minutes long but the issues addressed in this news clip are identical to those seen in every other community and country around the world that has plunged into the wind nightmare. Interesting to listen to the argument about whether local communities should have […]

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The Climate Wars’ Damage to (Credible) Science

The great thing about science is that it’s self-correcting. The good drives out the bad, because experiments get replicated and hypotheses tested — or so I used to think. Now, thanks largely to climate science, I see bad ideas can persist for decades, and surrounded by myrmidons of furious defenders they become intolerant dogmas. Matt […]

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AGW skeptics reveal fudging of temperature data at 10th International Conference on Climate Change

WND Politics — June 15, 2015 The entire purpose of global-warming alarmism is to consolidate more power and control in the federal government, according to former Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C. “I find it very convenient that the politicians who would seize power from the people and heavily regulate businesses on the threat of ill-defined climate […]

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Mother Nature Continues to Defy the Church of Climate Scientology

Hubbard Glacier defies climate change, continues advancing Karen McColl — CBC News — June 13, 2015 A Yukon glacier is slowly advancing towards an Alaskan river, setting the stage for an awesome collision of natural forces. If the glacier that originates near Mount Logan in the Yukon continues advancing at its current rate, it could […]

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Falling Like Dominoes — 2008 Prediction: NYC Under Water from Climate Change By June 2015

Scott Whitlock — — June 12, 2015 New York City underwater? Gas over $9 a gallon? A carton of milk costs almost $13? Welcome to June 12, 2015. Or at least that was the wildly-inaccurate version of 2015 predicted by ABC News exactly seven years ago. Appearing on Good Morning America in 2008, Bob […]

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Why the Left Needs Climate Change

Stephen F. Hayward — Forbes — June 9, 2015 Try this out as a thought experiment: what would happen if, tomorrow morning, we had definitive proof that catastrophic climate change was impossible, wasn’t happening, and would never happen. Would Al Gore breathe a big sigh of relief and say—“Well good; now we can go back […]

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Difficult to invest in green energy in Canada without Big Oil

 “it is the traditional oil and gas companies that are constructing much of the green energy projects in the country.”   Next time you see someone protesting Tim Horton’s to get rid of Enbridge ads, point them to this article. — DQ Divestiture movement continues as organizations clean carbon holdings from portfolios Kyle Bakx — […]

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James Delingpole — — June 5, 2015 Probably the fact that there has now been no “global warming” for 18 years and six months. Not only does this contradict all the doomladen climate models cited in the IPCC’s various reports – none of them predicted the so-called “Pause” – but it also means that […]

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Has NOAA ‘busted’ the pause in global warming?

Originally posted on Climate Etc.:
by Judith Curry A new blockbuster paper published today by NOAA: These results do not support the notion of a “slowdown” in the increase of global surface temperature.   Color me ‘unconvinced.’ Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus Thomas R. Karl, Anthony Arguez, Boyin…

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Climate Scientists “Suddenly” Realize that They’ve “MIS-MEASURED” Temperatures Since 1998…It’s Actually Hotter!!!

Climate Alarmists now have a new explanation for the pause in Global Warming since 1998.  They “mis-measured” the temperatures and it’s actually been getting hotter than first thought.  When you’ve stopped laughing and cleaned up the coffee that you just spewed all over your keyboard, ask yourself this.  If they “mis-measured” the temps how can […]

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Trillium accuses Liberals of destroying wind farm lawsuit documents

Richard Blackwell — Globe and Mail — June 1, 2015 An offshore wind farm developer that is in the midst of a lawsuit against the province of Ontario is now accusing the Liberal government of destroying documents related to its case. In a notice of motion filed with the Ontario Superior Court, Trillium Power Wind […]

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