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Mother Nature Continues to Defy the Church of Climate Scientology

Hubbard Glacier defies climate change, continues advancing

Karen McColl — CBC News — June 13, 2015

A Yukon glacier is slowly advancing towards an Alaskan river, setting the stage for an awesome collision of natural forces.

If the glacier that originates near Mount Logan in the Yukon continues advancing at its current rate, it could block access to a fiord in Alaska and “strongly impact” the nearby ecosystem.

New research from the University of Kansas suggests the Hubbard Glacier could permanently dam the entrance to Russell Fiord, on the Gulf of Alaska, within 25 years.

The timeline is the “best guess” of assistant professor Leigh Stearns, whose research builds on decades of previous studies on the Hubbard Glacier. The glacier, which originates in the St. Elias Mountains of southwest Yukon, has been widely studied because of its enormous size and its proximity to the Alaskan community of Yakatat.  Continue reading here….


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